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Crosley Automobile Club was founded in 1969 and has around 1000 members world wide.

The Crosley club helps bring together collectors of Crosley cars and other products of Powel Crosley. The club publishes 4 newsletters per year, the Crosley Quarterly and a roster of members every other year (new members get most recent roster).

The club sponsors a National meet the second Saturday in July at the Fulton County Fair grounds in Wauseon, Ohio (old Exit 3) Exit 34 on the Ohio Turnpike. The show is now 3 days and officially starts on Thursday, with many showing up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Crosley Motors Incorporated had its main office and engineering facility in Cincinnati Ohio, with assembly plants in Richmond Indiana (1939-1942) and Marion Indiana (1946-1952).

The Crosley automobile was the brain child of Powel Crosley, who had already made his fortune as a radio and appliance manufacturer, owner of WLW the "Nation's Station" and the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.

Crosley Corporation - Current appliance company
Crosley Radio Corporation - Current radio company

Crosley of the Month


Time for some oldies from the archives. This is an advertising postcard for McCall Appliance of Indiana PA. One if the many Crosley appliance dealers that signed up to also sell Powel's car in 1939. Click to see the back side for a list of purchase possibilities.

Another Crosley dealer expanding in to the auto trade in 1939. This one in New Castle, PA. Note the Shelvadore Refrigerator with shelves in the doors. Crosley was the only company to offer shelves for years, the rest place a model housewife in front of the door so you couldn't see the blank space. Both images can be made bigger by clicking on them.

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    • Membership $20/year US; $25/year Non-US
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2017 CAC Nationals are July 6-8, 2017
Wauseon, Ohio

        Spotlight Class will be Modified


        Highlights From 2016 Meet   - Below


        Motels & Camping in the Area

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2016 National Summary

  • Tuesday - July 5th
    • Wauseon car cruise was well attended by Crosleys. First Early Bird was on Saturday the 2nd.
  • Wednesday - July 6th
    • Trip to the "Butterfly House" Those who went reported a good time. The rest of us loafed and watched several impromptu Crosley repair, some brought to the meet for repair purposes.
  • Thursday - July 7th
    • Board of Directors meeting was productive, Next Youth Project was discussed and approved. Full report in next Quarterly.
    • Fulton Manor display presentation - very good turn out of cars and residence, good ice cream was served.
    • Homecoming Park, a large sub set of the group stopped for a presentation to the Boy Scouts, then rides.
    • Farmo (bingo) with Debbie - lots of prizes came out of the building.
    • Fireside Chat - camping area, sponsored by Ted Dellacamera - nice night to sit back from the fire and chat, too hot to get to close.
  • Friday - July 8th
    • Flea market and craft show open early in the day, lots of vendors this year, some were cleaning out estates.
    • Silent Auction started with some spirited bidding for several items.
    • Ohio Region trading post - attracted some nice parts and managed to sell most of it.
    • Keystone region road rally had 41 cars start but 3 dropped out before they got off the grounds. Was very hot for a mid day ride in a Crosley. Not sure who suffered more the enclosed cars or the convertibles. We are looking into options to move back to a late day rally next year.
    • Crosley games with Cody and Shannon. Lots of fun! - Hard to describe but fun for the participants and spectators.
    • Annual Banquet on a new night was a big hit with more than double the attendance and great food.
  • Saturday - July 9th
    • Show had 100 cars either showing or running around the grounds. Add in several cars in the flea market for sale and not entered in the show, would make this one of our bigger turnout of carts.
    • Flea market and craft show continued.
    • Silent Auction finished up at 1pm with lots of happy bidders.
    • Annual meeting - Dave Anspach was re-elected president, Joe Miller was re-elected to Director of Regions, Jim Bollman and Paul Gorrell were re-elected to the Board. A report on the Board meeting was given and general discussion on the meet and club. The Grand Father and Mentor of the Youth Project was presented the title to Lizzy's Sedan. With no other business we moved to award presentations.
    • New, the Chuck Koehler memorial picnic, our final meal of the week together was catered with a donation jar, was well attended by around 70 members and friends in an open pavilion, very nice spot for a picnic. Besides a time to remember Chuck, our treasurer that died soon after the 2015 meet, many other members who have passed that contributed to make the club great were remembered.


The club is primarily for the support of Crosley vehicle owners, but welcomes all that are interested in the products of Powel Crosley. The club also welcomes owners of the various vehicles that used the Crosley engine such as the Crofton, Bandini, Devin, Panda, Sabre, Skorpion, etc. Custom vehicles using any part of the Crosley are also welcome. A special class for non-automotive Crosley products such as radios and appliances made by Crosley is part of our National show and the occasional articles in the Quarterly.

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