Crosley Automobile Club 2021 National Meet V1
Crosley Automobile Club Nationals
“Homecoming 2021 - Together Again”

People started arriving early, not sure how early, we got to the fairgrounds on Saturday July 3rd and there was already more activity than in 2019 when we arrived on Tuesday. Was a great week of Crosley fellowship, renewing old friendships and making new friends. Many of us knew each other online and was a time to put faces with names. Week started slow and got busier every day till the Saturday climax with the largest Crosley Show in the World. - Photos of the meet are from Kelly Gladden, Mike Collier, myself and a few other member. I couldn't be every where and even when I was, a different view is often better, thanks for the help.

Winners Slide Show

Thanks to Judy Helm presentation at the awards banquet, I was able to piece together this slide show of most of the winners. Missing the Winners Circle, and the indoor classes for now. Start Show

Early Birds

Plenty to do, but at a slower pace. Lots of small groups talking. Early Bird picnic put on by the New England Region, Wauseon Cruise downtown, some craft sessions for the kids (and adults), a visit to the Wauseon Museum, a breakfast cruise, Crosley Store opens, a little rain and much more. Early Bird Photos


Thursday is when things start to get hectic. Flea market opens for 3 day, Silent Auction starts, Trading Post officially opens, Lady's Breakfast, Board Meeting, more crafts, Tech Talks, FARMO, Nursing Home Cruise, Keystone Region Road Rally, Fireside Chat, and much more. Thursday Photos


More Flea, Trading Post, Crafts. Worlds longest line of Crosleys (92), Pinewood Derby, Crosley Games, Annual Banquet, a Drive-In Movie and more. Friday Photos

Flea Market & Misc Photos of Friends

With an official 3 day flea market this year we had a good turn out of vendors new and old. over 30 cars for sale. Lots of parts changed hands. Added in some random photos of friends found wondering the flea market.  Fleas & Friends Photos

Saturday - Show Time

Biggest day for seeing Crosleys, record year for show cars with 139 on the field. Lots of other things going on like a Kids Treasure hunt, last chance for Flea Market, Trading Post and Silent Auction. Lots of last minute bidding on the 188 items in the Silent Auction including a nice wagon. Day ended with our Memorial Picnic to remember past members and say our goodbys for another year. Saturday Photos

Crosley Kids

The meet pictures shows the large number of young people involved in our obsession of Crosleys. I recently found an old photo of some earlier Crosley Kids and thought it would be good to end the show page with that picture and as close as we could get to reenacting the photo, since only 3 of the 4 were in attendance this year. L-R Jeremy Bollman, Phaeron Phillips, Sara Sherman (Bateman), Tyson Friday

1990 Crosley Kids

2021 Crosley Kids

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