Details on Hotshot & Super Sports

The Hotshot was introduced in 1949 with the Super Sports added as a dressed up version in 1950 with fancier trim and a folding top. In 1951 and 1952 full doors were added to the Super Sports while the Hotshot continued with the cut down sides with either no doors or removable half doors.

An example of Powel Crosley saving money was that the 4 fenders were made from the 48 coupe front fenders, until the stamping forms could be modified.

Some detail photos and information that may be useful in your restoration. If you have details that should be added send them to me.


Serial Numbers by Model Year

The body serial number is located inside the engine compartment, Top dead center of the firewall. (Serial Numbers start with "VC")

1949 VC-10001 to VC-10727

1950 VC-20001 to VC-20835

1951 VC-30001 to VC-30670

1952 VC-40001 and up


All roadsters 1949 through mid 1950 had 4 wheel Goodyear - Hawley Aircraft style disc brakes. By early June, 9" hydraulic brakes were phased in because of freeze up problems in the areas of the country that used salt on the roads.


Air scoop guard

Crosley Bird hood ornament, used on Super Sports and other Super models

Crest on Nose

Chrome windshield frame except lower brackets and the upper corners, painted body color.

Seams on top of the fenders and if you have a good display down the side of the fender

1949 Hotshot

This is a publicity photo from 1949 from the July 18th 1949 Life article about the Hotshot.


Rubber cockpit trim

Flat hub caps, the more rounded had been phased out by the time of the Hotshot announcement, for main production, some sources say left overs were still being used and some factory photos show them on models including roadsters till 1952.

Mount for the spare.

Contrasting headlight color, Black & Red was used.

Interesting to see wrinkles in almost new seat cushions.

1950 Hotshot


Rubber cockpit molding

Optional chrome trim rings on wheels

Seams on top of fenders and down the side in front

Tail & Brake light

Red trim on top

Red head lights were offered black is more common on red cars


Above shows the Hotshot script and placement.

Left shows normal antenna placement, since this was often installed by the dealer exact placement varies.

This is an early Hotshot before the vent was moved to the rear.  This location vents only the engine compartment. Some have no vent at all.

The right Hotshot is missing the script, note the holes, and has the lower windshield brackets incorrectly chromed, it should be painted body color.

1950 Super Sports

Many people will argue that the Super Sports was only available inb 51 and 52 with full doors.  It was really introduces as a Super Hotshot in 1950.

Main difference from the Hotshot:

Red trim around the cockpit

Folding top instead of assembled top

Super side script

This example has the lower bronze windshield brackets polished instead of painted body color.  The air cleaner showing is after market.  Wheels appear to be body color instead of off white.

1951-52 Super Sports


Off white wheels

Placement of optional radio antenna
(car to right is wrong)

Seams on top of fenders and down the side in front

Tail & Brake light

Red trim on top

Black head lights

1951-52 Super Sports


Optional Horn button

Optional Radio

Optional Ash Tray under the dash just left of center

Chrome trim ring on speaker

Red trim on top

Black head lights, red was also used.

Door & Kick Panels

Red Dash Trim

Rear view mirror

Red Seats were standard in all roadsters

Painted lower windshield bracket, body color


Super Sports side curtain, bottom has an inner and outer part that goes over the door top

Black with red trim, only colors used

Super script on side


Rear shot of top, zip out window

The two twist fastener on either side of window holds straps that snap to top bows keeping them in place

Chrome trim ring was an option

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