Radios for Crosley Cars

This page will build over time as material is gathered. It is only for radios used in Crosleys not car radios that Crosley made for other makes.

Post War


The most common post war radio used in the Crosley is the Motorola CY8, often called the chrome nose.

Sorry for the poor photo a better one will be added later. For now here is a close up of a well worn radio with faded knobs and dial.

Chassis Lay out

Large Schematic (240K)


The much less common 5MX080 Zenith radio looks similar to the Motorola when it is mounted in the dash, The main difference is the dial numbers and dots under them. First offered in 1947.

Chassis Layout from top

Large Schematic (392K)


A third style offered mounted through the blank dash radio plate.  They show up from time to time.  No schematic has been found for the Philco Model # CM 5118 but two different schematics have been sent to me from two different members that think they are a close substitute. I have never owned a Philco to check them out hopefully one or the other will help in servicing your Philco.

Philco Model # CM 5118

Large Schematic (1.3MB)

Full Rider's Repair Set (2.7MB)

Mounting Brackets - For Rear Support of Radio

This template pattern was furnished by Chuck Koehler.  A PDF file was created to print the template to scale, if you have a printer that lets you print close to the edges.  Several dimensions were added so you can verify the proper size was printed, you may have to scale it up on a copier if your printer will not print to scale.  The template has a lot of uses, if printed the proper size it is folded over the dash, lining up the radio hole and other openings that are marked on the diagram to mark a spot on the top of the dash to drill a hole for the mounting bracket.  The template also has the shape and hole locations for two brackets.  One is for the radio that uses the faceplate, the longer bracket is for the standard chrome nosed radio.  Study the diagram and you can figure it out, Chuck wanted to have all the info on one page.

Radio Bracket


People often ask why Powel Crosley didn't make his own car radios. Powel had already sold off his Car Radio division years before and had even sold his regular radio and appliance business by the end of WW-II. The fact is Powel did build his own radios for the PreWar Crosleys. It was part of his Romeo line of after-market car radios. They are very rare and different than the rest of the Romeo line in packaging since most of the radio was in the engine compartment. It probably only fits models with rear mounted gas tank.

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