Crofton Bug

Some Factory Photos

Crofton in a crate

An early production model. Later the grill was changed to a cross hatch pattern and a non-folding windshield was used like below. Here A bug is being packed for shipping.

The Crofton Bugs was built from around 1958 till some time in the early to mid 60s in San Diego. Exact ending dates are tough because Bugs were assembled as orders came in after official production ended.

It was modeled after the Crosley FarmORoad and used a modified Crosley engine. It came in several versions including an off road Brawny Bug.

Crofton Registry

If you know of a Crofton, send the serial number, the owners name and a description to our Crofton Advisor/Registry

Steve Miller (

Always need a spare. It is a tight fit in a step side but it does fit.

The Crofton engine came about after a deal with Lou Fageol of Twin Coach/Fageol Marine who owned the rights to build what was the Crosley engine. Fageol made engines for marine applications and had numerous military contracts. W. B. Crofton bought the rights to the engines and the military contracts.

One of the mysteries of the Crofton engine is why they have a mirror block from the Crosley? Part of the inventory that Crofton bought were the parts that Fageol had bought for a flat 8 engine based on the Crosley design. Fageol needed a quantity of mirrored blocks for the flat 8 production. Production quantities were never produced. Crofton decided to use the blocks in the Bug production. More general engine info on the Family Tree page.

New way to get the parking right?

Above is the later style Crofton with dual wheels. The Crofton to the right is the early model, perhaps prototype only, with the FarmORoad style grill and windshield. The duals were an extra cost option.

Brawny Bug

The Off Road version with floatation tires was called the Brawny Bug. The tow bar you see on several of the Crofton's was an extra cost option.

Snow Plow Option


Crofton advertised the Tug model but non have shown up. Not sure how many were made, maybe only one.

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