Crosley Rides

Well we can't really give you a ride over the web, but we will do our best to give you the feel for what a Crosley ride might be like. We will add more sounds and maybe some other surprises in the future. For now try bouncing up and down in your chair a little while you listen to these rides I took.

Take a ride with John Allen in his 51 Wagon with 4 cyl CIBA engine. (140K wav)

Paul Gorrell gives a ride in his 42 Liberty Sedan with 2cyl Waukesha engine. (176K wav)

Chuck Koehler's Special. He took me for a ride at the 2001 Nationals. I didn't measure the distance but it was to the first cross road North of the fairgrounds. I would guess a little over 1/4 of a mile. The whole trip from start, at the North gate to a stop, at the corner, was just 30 seconds on the tape recorder so you know Chuck didn't poke along. You hear a lot of transmission wine since he uses a stock transmission, probably the only stock item on the car. (356K wav)

Richard Fahey's Devin. Richard was ready to load when I caught up with him but here is a couple of reves from his highly modified engine. (152K wav)

How about those dual side drafts and header pipes. Nice Mag to. Note Richard doesn't run a fan, not much room and it only steals HP anyway. His Devin is built to go down the road not go slow where a fan might be needed.

Paul Gorrell's 2 cylinder Crosley Motorcycle prototype. No place for a ride, but here is Paul getting ready to ride away. (180K wav)

Hope you have enjoyed your rides. More to come.

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