2000 Crosley Nationals

Saturday Show Time - Saturday starts at about 6AM with the first flea market vendors rolling out and uncovering their goods. More Crosley vendors and Crosley parts than any other flea market in the world. It isn't physically huge but where else do you see more than 1 or 2 vendors selling Crosley parts. Here are few random shots from walking around.


and lots

of good



How many new Crosley engines are still around in the box. This is a military version of the Crosley engine, ready for generator duty.

You thought Crosleys were small, here was your chance to have a whole fleet and only take up a small shelf in your living room.

The Pre-War to the left road in the back seat.

Along with around 40 vendors there was 21 complete cars for sale in the market, from rough to ready to show,

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