2000 Crosley Nationals

The Nationals officially start Friday evening for early arrives and runs all day Saturday

As always the real early arrivers show up before Friday. These pictures were taken Thursday afternoon. When I passed through on Wednesday a few were already camping and enjoying each others company. In a normal year they start rolling in on Tuesday but the 4th of July wasn't a good day to move into a county fairgrounds.


How often do you see a FarmOroad sitting at a motel

Some old friends catching up.


The 3 wheeler was for sale, the owner shaved off his beard so he didn't fit the image anymore.
(see Last Years Pictures)


Illinois, FOR ready for show, the smiling man by the tree came from California for the show (Hi Silky).

A couple of Hotshots , The blue one was For Sale

This load came from Eastern PA, the owner is starting up his supercharged Crosley engine.

One Fast Crosley

A little free advertising.

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