2000 Crosley Nationals

Friday also include a Road Ralley sponsored by the Keystone Region

The line up for the Ralley, where else could you hear 40 Crosleys running and ready to head out.

This custom Crosley was finished the day before, it had less than 2 miles on it when the owners entered it for the 10 mile or so ralley

Some of the cars at an ice cream stop. We add a lot to the local ecconomy.

Our Senior Board member and President leading the informal gab session Friday night.

A Horney Crosley, was seen with a Plymouth named Christine a few years back.

Friday has turned into a nice low key gathering of Crosley people. With the Road Ralley attracting more members in early, there is plenty of time to renew old freindships and make new ones. Ask the tough questions you need answers too.

If you can't get a Crosley road ready for the ralley stick your thumb out, most drivers will welcome the company if they don't have a full load.

This year we had a short meeting of the Thursday night Yahoo Chat group. We had a good number of the regulars. Was nice to put a face with the names.

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