2000 Crosley Nationals

Saturday Show Time - Still More

4 Croftons Bugs showed this year, including 1 Brawny Bug, 2nd from the left

Crofton of San Diego bought the rights to the FarmOroad and made them for several years in the late 50s and early 60s.

FarmOroad row, 7 in all.

What looks like a very original Pre-War Convertible Sedan for sale in the flea market.

Pre-War Convertible Coupe

Pre-War Liberty Sedan

1937 CRAD - Crosley Prototype
(Crosley Radio Automobile Division)

It has 4 wheels the back ones are just close so it doesn't need a differential.

Crosley Tractor that is thought to be a factory prototype built during WW2 and used around the plant.

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