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This 4 man powered Crosley was spotted at the 1996 Nationals. They bought this nice Sedan in the flea market.  The seller assured them that it only needed paint and upholstery.  It was a real steal.

When was last time you saw a V8 Tin block?  This one was displayed at the 1989 show in the non automotive class.  I wonder if the owner ever finished it.

These two modified's from passed Nationals are about as far a part as you can get in the modified class.

The flip top was shown in 1980, I believe the engine is a Ford flat head with overhead valve heads.

Shorty was made by Jim Welther from a basket case wagon, this photo was taken in 1985. The legs are on the pedals on the front wheel and go up and down when you drive.  Jak Phillips owns the car now with a different paint job.

These photos were taken at the 1974 National show.  Paul Gorrell was showing his 2 wheel Crosley Motorcycle for the first time.  It was one of 3 made by the factory for a possible war contract.

Paul Gorrell is starting it up for demo ride. See if you can identify some of the people in the back ground when they were 33 years younger.  Paul has shown the motorcycle several times over the years.  Notice the Icyball sitting in the FOR in the background.

Here are two shots from 2001 after it was restored. The car behind it is the CRAD prototype.

Paul Weimer's Custom Roadster, 1st place winner in the Modified Spot light class at the 2007 Nationals.  This cute little convert got a lot of attention from everyone.

Barry Seel's Modified Super Sports won 2nd place in the Spot Light Class at the 2007 Nationals.   Besides the obvious Braje style grills and louvered hood, this VC had a 4 speed transmission and one of Barry's famous hopped up Bearcat engines.

Karl Schultz of Ohio has had a long love affair with Crosley, starting at age 7 when his dad bought a 48 Wagon.  Here he is at age 23 in 1967 with his 3rd Crosley a Hot Shot. He drove a 51 Wagon through High School and College.

Jump forward 40 years and here is Karl giving his Grandson Logan a ride in the very same Hot Shot.  Karl put the Hot Shot together combing Crosley #2 a wrecked Super Sports he bought while in college and a Hot Shot body he found upside down in a creek bed. The owner was glad to get rid of it.

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