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A shot from the 2007 Yankee Regional meet at Kent CT on Sept  29th.  This nice Roundside belongs to Ted Della Camera of CT.  Ted pulled it out of a local museum where it has been on display for a year or so for the show and to get a few miles on it before tucking it back in before the snows come.

The Yankee meet was very well attended with members and had 12 Crosleys showing in a grove a trees plus some non automotive.  The Yankee meet has an extra draw because it is embedded in a nice antique machinery show.  Lots to see.

Doug Lawrence's 1942 Convertiable Sedan.  To the right is the note he sent with the pictures.

Nice looking Prewar, here is an interior shot.

"This is our recently completed ground up restoration of a 1942 CB-42. We (my Father and I) have been working on it for about a year and a half. This car bears the #s 390-31319. As best I can figure from the info I've found it was built just after Pearl Harbor in 1941. We plan to show it for the first time next spring at Charlotte, NC at the Eastern Spring National Meet of the AACA and we may make it to Wauseon next summer."

Mike Grimes nice FarmOroad he says as far as the State of California is concerned it's now a '51 model, but by serial number it is probably a 1950.

Here is a shot of the chassis during the restoration process.

While technically not a Crosley this is the most exciting Crosley related item I have seen in a long time and it is just the tip of iceberg of information sent to me by Ray Olson III.  His father Ray Olson Jr. saved the information from his days working for the Navy Department from 1942 - 1945.  What you are looking at is a mock up of a Taylor X-24 fabricated block engine (a big brother to our beloved CoBra engine) that was proposed to the government primarily as an aircraft engine, but that could be used for other purposes.  

A 6 cylinder version was built and tested, I have copies of those tests.  The 24 cylinder version was estimated to have been about 950 lbs and put out 1000 hp without supercharging, if it was built. It would have been 1702 cubic inches. I have no records that it was actually built.

There will be a series of articles for the Quarterly in 2008.

Not sure where or even when I took this photo.  It was someplace in Ohio many years ago. 

 I pulled it out of my archives because it has been a long time since we have had a CD as our Crosley of the Month.  If anyone know the current owner or location let me know and I will add it to the description.  Looks to be a nice 1950 Sedan Deliver with roll up windows.

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