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So how do you draw attention to your new Crosley book?  Invite Tom Miller's 1948 Crosley wagon to attend the book signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati.  Even a Crosley can be a problem  to get into a book store but it can be done. Two of the authors, Mike Banks and Rusty Mclure were on hand to sign books. ll Banks and Mclure gave speeches detailing various elements of Crosley’s history. Tom supplied some humorous Crosley anecdotes.

This Icyball and cabinet has been in Jim Dester's family since 30's, when his Father In-Law bought it.  It was used in the UP of Michigan, but is now in Illinois.

If you're interested contact Jim.  The front opening ice box is not very common in Icyball setups, the top loader is what you usually fine, if you find the cabinet at all.

"Our 47 sedan has been on the road about 4 months after an off the frame resto.  Most of the work was done by Bill Houghton out of San Antone Texas.  We purchased the car on Ebay and finished it up and now we enjoying driving around town, getting lots of waves and smiles."  Pat and Carol Askren California

Also check out the custom striping and a very nice engine compartment.

Gary Ellis wanted to relive his wild youth when he had a 51 SS with a Quicksilver engine so he bought Fred Syrdal's Super Sports.  Starting with a nice car with a hot engine, he made a few repairs, hottened up the engine even more with a 7/8 race cam and dual Tillies.  

Added a custom tonneu cover, spare tire cover, some more sparkle and flash and it was L'Yeller.  Be sure to check out the interior and tonneu as well as the engine.

Not sure if this wagon had a name and I don't know who owned it but I called it Wild Thing back in 1974 when it showed up for the second show we had at Wauseon.  What was really wild was it was completely stock accept for the axle extensions that were added to the stock brake hubs and the big tires.  If the tires look like they are sitting at a bit of an angle it was because of the flex in the ends of the axles.

Otto Binder and his two son showed up late Friday afternoon at the 1997 show.  They had driven two street rods from Alaska.

"The Crosley  was a father son project  we started when Landon was 14, his twin brother's project was  a 34 Terraplane.   They had just turned 16, having received their drivers license, we drove both cars down the Alcan hwy to the lower 48 and were heading
to a Good Guys Street Rod meet in Medina Ohio,  when we spotted the Crosley meet and stopped in."

"Landon still has his Crosley,  he drives it daily during the summer months. The Crosley was given to him , it was minus the main mechanicals and interior.  We used the Crosley body and placed it on a very low mileage 90 Ford Escort which had been totaled.  We widened it 20 inches and also stretched it 20 inches to fit the Escort unibody.  The trip in 9 put a little over 10,000 miles on the odometer, and opened the door to many new friendships along the way."

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