Then and Now

A collection of photos showing sites relative to the Crosley family and the corporation.  The majority of the pictures that started this page were supplied/taken by Mike Banks.  In some cases we only have the then or now shot and await the contribution of the corresponding photo.

Main Crosley Plant at 1329 Arlington Street

Main Plan 1929

Under Construction 1929
Main Plant 1933


Date Unknown, WLW's transmitter was still there.
This is where the early engineering work for the car took place.  Radios and Shelvadors were also made here and WLW's home.  WLW's studio was on the 8th floor.
Main Plant 2004


Crosley Motors Engineering Lab

The Lab 1939

The Lab 2005

Commonly referred to as "the Lab," this build at 3401 Spring Grove Avenue in Cincinnati housed the Crosley Motors research and engineering department.  It also served as a repair depot for the many cars Powel Crosley, Jr. loaned out to family and friends in the Cincinnati area.  These folks served as what we now call "beta testers" - Mike Banks

Crosley Motors Plant One

2530 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Plant One 1950 Planr One 2004

"The Crosley Motors Plant #1 at 2530 Spring Grove Avenue has one tennent at the south end: Inwood Automotive Products, which appropriately enough makes brake pads and brake shoes. Most of the building is available for lease." - Mike Banks

Richmond Indiana Plant

Refrigerators and Pre War Crosley production photo/drawing is how it looked circa 1937-1939.  The plant was at 1767 Sheridan Street Richmond Indiana.

Plant as it is today.  Photo taken in August of 2001. At that time it was being used by Sanyo, and now Optical Disc Solutions.  Photo courtesy of

Pinecroft Estate - Cincinnati

Two shots of Powel Crosleys personal garage at his home, Pinecroft (built in 1928).  The garage faced the house across a 50 foot courtyard.  Above the garage is the chauffer's apartment.

Seagate Estate - Florida

Garage and Servants Apartment at Florida Seagate Estate soon after it was built in 1929

Seagate 1929

The restored 11,000 square foot Seagate Mansion in 2002


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