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Texas garage using a FarmOroad as a delivery vehicle. The shop gopher would drive to the customers house in the FOR and hook it to the customers car and drive the car in for service, then reverse the process when done.

Get those FORs ready to be in the Spotlight class at the 2023 Nationals

1996 Nationals with a FarmOroad tow truck towing the owners project in. Back then Tyrone Mount (VA) owned both of these FORs but he has sold them. The FOR Registry shows the green one (FR-291) in MD in 2015, owned by a non member. I don't have current info on the unrestored FOR (FR-130), Dr. Harry Fry of FL apparently bought and restored it but is deceased. If you know where either one is at this time let me know.

Jim Liberty(CA) Owns Liberty Motorsports and usually restores Porsche but decided he needed a shop car. Here is what he built. Nice engine mods.

Unfortunately mechanical brakes don't make it with his modifications and California traffic so he is now converting it to 9" Bendix brakes. He made the truck bed to haul.

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