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With the cruising season winding down I thought I would dig out some Crosley based cruisers from past Nationals.

The above down scaled Model A roadster pickup was shown at the 1977Crosley Nationals. Tim Freshley recognized this as his first car that his Dad and he started building when he was 14 from a 48 wagon and got on the road when he was 16.  He sold it in 1973 and it has went through a few owners and modifications since. He did not know who owned it in 1977.  Here is an early photo and a photo from a couple of years ago. Last he knew it was in New Jersey.

This scaled down Model T roaster pickup was shown at the 1981 Crosley Nationals. Jim Welther writes that the owner was Charles Ide, he is the young guy by the bucket, he also reported it was shown in 1995 and was for sale. Looking at the photo more the fellow in the red pants is Leon Wooster, long time member that died a couple of years ago. His wife donated a large stash of his Crosley parts to the club that we sold at the Nationals this year.

If any one recognizes either roadster pickups and give me more info I will add it to the description.

Lizzy Frey Kid Reporter and the Youth Project Girl gave a progress report on her CC Sedan project with her Grandfather. They answered questions on Friday of the 2013 Nationals during a tech session. She has learned to worksheet metal and weld along with many other skills so far. 

She is making a list of what she needs to finish the project. She plans to show it completed at the 2014 Nationals.

She had a nice display of her progress on the Youth Project that she took over after lastyears meet. Lizzy has been a regular volunteer for many years. She is rebuilding this CC sedan with her grandfather.  Many members and vendors have made donations of parts and time helping her.

Lizzy is already looking ahead to her next Crosley project, she hopes it is a Hotshot or Super Sports.

Here are a couple of photos Peter Berard of Georgia  sent me a few years ago of his favorite thing.  I know the 48 pickup is called Truk and Pete's wife is Julie. Couldn't find what he calls his Super Sports.

Those of you on the Crosley_Gang message board have heard him talk about Truk, here it is.  He writes "Note the attitude of Mr. Truk's rear end. I accidentally put the spring shackles under the spring. That gives it a bit of an attitude. Gonna leave them that way at least for a while. The handling seems to be unaffected."

Bob Sherman sent me these photos of his ride.  He didn't give many details but here is what I know.  Engine 2.5 Iron Duke w/ 5 speed.

Narrowed by 20 1/2" Chevy S-10 rear end. Rides on 12" tires on front, 15" on rear.  Chrysler tilt column, all seams filled.  Full custom interior.

Dale Frederick of PA brought his 1950 Pickup Tow Truck to 2013 Nationals. He was having way to much fun with it.

When I got back a little late on Friday afternoon he was trying to tow my F250 Fordpickup with camper away with a little help from Little Al.

Richard Campbell of NY recently acquired an HMod that was supposedly designed/built by Don Miller in the late 50's. It was listed as a 1958 but has no paper work. The engine, transmission and drivetrain are all standard Crosley. Everything else is custom.

Don Miller was a prolific HMod designer and builder. He is supposed to have made about 40 of the cars -- many with Crosley components -- but he also worked with other power plants.

Does this look at all familiar to you? Rich would like to find more information on where his car was raced and any other history.

I wouldn't normally put an Hmod up two months in a row but when I put up "Richard Campbell request for info last month the current owner of this nice Fibersport Hmod, Chuck Koehler of PA, reminded me he had made a similar request several years ago.  I of course misfiled the photos and the request, so here it is. Chuck bought the Fibersport in 2011 and would like to find out more about it's racing history.  The Fibersport was made in limited numbers by John May in the 50s. The above pictures was taken in 1988 of Terry Matheny, a  past owner, vintage racing.

Here are a few shot of the Fibersport as it was shown at the 2011 Nationals, click the forward arrow for more shots. Chuck would really like any early photos of the car and racing history.

An earlier photo of the same car with different paint.

April 28th was the 75th anniversary of the unveiling of the Crosley automobile at the Indianapolis Speedway. Here is a shot of the covered cars as the press and others were starting to gather. It was estimated that 2000 Crosley dealers, dignitaries and industrial leaders were in attendance.

“I have always wanted to build a practical car that would not only operate at a low cost but sell at a low cost, and I believe we have it here. This is no idle whim of mine to offer a diversity from other Crosley products. I have been dreaming of this car for some 28 years.” Powel Crosley

I'm sure the 1939 LaSalle was parked in the shot to show the contrast in size with the all new 1939 Crosley. The official ceremony included Powel Crosley's grandson Lewis, breaking a bottle of gas over the nose of one of the cars and test drives around the Indy track.

These are two of the many photos donated to CAC of the event by the Grandson of the photographer. Ted Carroll was sorting through his Grandfather's old negatives and thought they should be saved. Bill Carroll (the photographer) was a Crosley Dealer and had been invited to the event..

Steven Olinger of Virgina has been working hard to finish his FarmOroad. When he sent this photo to me last Fall it wasn't quite finished yet. Steve bought his FOR from president Dave, here is the before picture. Steve wanted to thank everyone that helped with advise and parts for his project and especially his wife and family.

Steve did get it done in time to be in the local Christmas parade with his family, the heater really works good in a FarmOroad.

I don't know if Steve is planing on bringing his freshly restored FOR to the Nationals in July, but we hope he joins with what should be a good turn out of FarmOroads this year as the Spotlight class.

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