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I knew this had to be the next Crosley of the Month as soon as I saw it. We stopped in to see the AACA Musuem in Hershey PA on our way back home at Christmas, and look what we saw in the middle of the gift shop.   They were also selling some of the Empire Region's T-Shirts.  Jeff had his Crosley Pickup in a special exhibit a while back.

This is AACA's 1941 Crosley Wagon. This looks like a great place to show off it's size.  They even used the inside to store extra stock.   AACA has two Pre Wars and an FOR in their permanent collection, this is the only one currently on display.

Norm & Janyne Smith of Poland, OH sent me these shots of their Overland Firetruck.  The shot above was at "Glenmoor Gathering Concours D'Elegance." in Canton, OH.  Here are their comments:  "We were very excited to learn we had won an award of distinction, Junior Judges Award, all classes included. As we were waiting in line to receive our award, Club Manager Myron Vernis stuck his head in the window and said, "Who would have ever thought a Crosley would win an award of distinction?""

Another shot of the truck.  The Overland was build by the Overland Amusement company and was a 5th wheel arrangement with a modified Crosley as tractor and a fully fabricated trailer.

Fred Toohey sent in this Months Winners.  To the left is his first racer on the way to the local Soapbox Derby where he won in 1953.

Fred writes: "I have been running my Crosley (above J production Bonneville car) since 2003 and I am about 20 mph off of the record (99.299mph).  Unfortunately Gerald lost the record to a 2cyle HONDA!  I keep making changes to make it go faster then it goes slower, if I work really hard I might get it down to 40mph."

Above is a flea market find from 1996.  I will not divulge those involved in case the sedan section is still in hiding from their wives.  But as you can see, you never know what you might find at the Crosley Nationals Flea Market.

You also never know what or who you might see at the Nationals.  In 1999 Santa stopped in during his down time with his CoBra powered 3 wheeler.  

An unrestored Parkway Delivery is parked behind him and that blue fender that is peaking in on the right is a restored Parkway.

As told by Nigel Davenport - "The story on the fire engine goes like this: I have owned my 51 super wagon for 36 years now, so i have driven her everywhere. this leads into the day that a fella came by with a story about a fire engine at a junkyard. I had mentioned this tidbit to my newly retired friend and nieghbor. We will call him "Mark". this guy has seen little car shows, and I made him drive my wagon to the Turkey show in Daytona. He has almost been bitten by the little bug. Mark won't leave me be about this fire truck, so ok, ok off to the yard we go....  When we arive, I can see this mess of a Crosley. 

We climbed onto the truck bed on the box truck to see her. I am heartbroken. A little too far gone to be easy, but still do-able. the man wanted more dollars than I wanted to part with on that day, so we went. Low and behold, my friend was now hopelessly gone, bitten and now living with the little bug. He made a deal with the yard man, and was the proud new owner. I loaned my truck for the towing, well ok, it went into the bed of the International pickup. When we unloaded, I snapped this shot. Note, he has been drinking ketchup, I think."   Nigel's 51 Wagon and Crosley powered Berkeley, with a custom Crosley frame.

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