Brake Light Switch

Mechical Brake Switch Problems

wavy48_99 10/26/99 9:19 pm
On my 48 truck I wired it according to the schematic in my manual. When I set my parking brake my stop light comes on with the key off. I have the original light switch and would like to keep it. Was this common with the Crosley?

Bugger5913 10/27/99 8:02 am

"Precious" my '48 sedan does the same thing when I set the parking brake, I simply pull the brake pedal back up turning the brake light off.

Brake Light Switch Pressure Problems

hunterdan61 - 09/26/2004 12:03 AM
Is there an adjustment on the brake light switch? My brake lights do not come on unless you push real hard on the brake pedal. Would like it to come on as soon as the pedal is pushed.
Crosley19 - 09/26/2004 4:09 PM
Replace your brake light switch on your master cylinder. It is probably gunked up with old brake fluid.
Lou Rugani - 09/28/2004 12:47 AM
You DO have *hydraulics*, right? Otherwise you could play with the spring tension on your mechanical switch. Those sometimes get dirt and/or oil in the contacts and can be cleaned, if not replaced outright.