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To order from the club:
Dan and Lisa Peth
3745 Weckerly Rd
Monclova, OH 43542
All major credit cards accepted on phone orders. Make Checks out to Crosley Auto Club (CAC)

Past Issues of the Quarterly
are available:

Some of the Early issues do not contain much technical info or pictures.





4/year for most

$2.00 ea


4/year for most

$3.00 ea


20 pages or more Color

$5.00 ea

Postage: total price + postage

Last Roster of Members - $5 + postage

Restoration Tips
1998 revision - $2.00 + postage If you are restoring for originality this is a must have. This booklet tells you what a judge looks for, what colors were used and paint numbers, when available. This booklet was first published in 1979 and has evolved as more information was discovered.

Crosley Motors Incorporated
Reprinted from the original. Full of interesting facts about the company and its products. Every page is filled with photos about the many Crosley motor vehicles: commercial, military, and civilian. This book is a must have for every Crosley collector. 36 pages - $5.50 plus postage

From the Series:
Crosley From
The Beginning To The End


8 page booklet


1940 - 42

12 page booklet


1946 - 47

8 page booklet



8 page booklet



12 page booklet



8 page booklet


1951 - 52

8 page booklet



12 page booklet


Complete set of the series $15 plus postage

These are interesting booklets with photos and information both historic and technical.

All photos are factory or period.

Authorized Service Magnet 3"
$3.50 shipped

Ceramic Campfire Mugs
$20.00/ea shipped

Chrome Metal License Plate Frames
$20.00/ea shipped

Club Patch
$3.50 + Postage

2 3/4 inches across bottom

Decal and Magnets
Crosley arrow vinyl decal and oval logo magnet; $2 each shipped

2024 Nationals T-Shirts
$20 shipped Double sided. Steel gray

Zippered Hoodie
$40.00. Only available in heather navy blue, and sizes medium to XL

Pullover Hoodie
$35.00. Only available in royal blue, and sizes small to 2XL

All Hats $20/ea Shipped

Pocket Tee Shirt
Light Blue - $20/ea shipped

Various sizes

Hunt Crosley T Shirts - Double Sided
$20/ea shipped

I Rescue Crosley T Shirts
$15/ea Shipped

  Crosley Golf Shirts
Price $35.00 shipped.  White with red stitching, red with white stitching, blue with either color

Crosley Heart Tee Shirts
pink and blue. sizes small to 2XL
$15/ea Shipped

T Shirts Are Available in Assorted Sizes Ask

2021 CAC Plaque
$35/ea shipped

2020 CAC Plaque
$35/ea shipped

Cast aluminum, made in USA, 5x9 inches and 1/4 inch thick, black epoxy paint background with brushed aluminum raised areas.

Available for Loan: Club Members Only

Video Tapes:

Powel Crosley Jr. and the 20th Century

The Production Years (mostly radio)

The 1939 World Fair
(very little on Crosley)

These tapes can be loaned for a $20 deposit that will be refunded minus $5.00 postage upon return of the tape.

Paint Chips

We have original paint chip sheets and paint chips of modern paints with corresponding numbers. Chips are loaned for a $100 deposit that will be refunded minus $5.00 postage upon return of the paint chips. Only one year's chips loaned at a time.

Ad Policy for Quarterly

1. Ads are limited to Crosley related items. Please include prices if applicable.

2. All free ads are limited to 30 words or less, not counting name and address.

3. One free ad per Quarterly per member. Additional ads are $.15 per word or see display rates below.

4. Ads from none members are free if space allows.

5. All ads are subject to editing of nonessential information and space.

6. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE LEGIBLY. Place ads on separate cards to aid in sorting. Please forward any fee due to the club when sending in your ad.

7. Free ads can be submitted via Email, include a Snail Mail address in your ad if you want to sell to the whole membership of the club - CAC@CrosleyAutoClub.com

Free Ads will be placed in the next issue of the Quarterly.

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