1996 Crosley Nationals

77 Crosleys on Display or For Sale, plus many interesting Crosley artifacts in the Non-Automotive Class.

The Show ended with a delicious banquet Saturday evening.

Those staying overnight, to leave on Sunday enjoyed movies on the side of one of the buildings.

1937 CRAD "Crosley Radio and Automobile Division". This was the Prototype to the PreWar Crosleys.

The rear wheels are close together to eliminate the need for a differential.




42 Liberty Sedan

The Liberty Sedan was the only steel topped PreWar Crosley.

Factor built 4 Cylinder Crosley/Jacques Tractor

Tug - built for moving carts and stuff in and around factories.

Devin - fiberglass bodied sports car, based on Crosley

Custom Antiques, under construction on Crosley running gears

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