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Saturday is "Show Time". Cars started lining up early to get photographed before driving on the show field, we even beat the photographer by a few minutes. It was a record turn out with a 114 cars on the show field and other 20 or so in the flea market and running around having to much fun to pull on the show field and park, a few more had to leave early and didn't stay for the show. The Spotlight Class this year was the 1946-48 model year know as CCs. We do pull the commercial, modifieds and specials out and into their own class since they have their own spotlight years. We had 17 CCs in the Spotlight this year with wagons, sedans and convertibles galore. Flea market was up and going with many deals still available a few cars were still changing hands. Debbie added a Saturday Craft sessions for the younger members. The silent auction had what must have been a record number of items donated and bidding was active till the winners were announced. At the annual meeting Dave Anspach was re-elected to anther term as President and two new directors were elected. The past, present and next Youth Project Mechanics were in attendance, two with their cars to show the membership. YPM number two showed his finished project and YPM number 3 took possession of his project car from the current owner. Special awards, Craft awards and Class awards were handed out, to many smiling winners. The week was topped off with our annual Memorial Picnic to honor members that have passed in the last year and all members that have passed.

Thanks to Duane Gorrell and Kelly  Gladden for sharing their photos to fill in some gaps.

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View from the top of the Grand Stands, the trees have grown enough to block part of the view


Lots of CCs being Spotlighted

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Rare Crosley Sport Utility - Yes, Crosley was the first company to use the term Sport Utility

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2018Saturday-16.JPG 2018Saturday-17.JPG 2018Saturday-18.JPG
2018Saturday-19.JPG 2018Saturday-20.JPG 2018Saturday-21.JPG

You could even buy your very own CC in the flea market, several were available

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