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Thursday stuff starts to speed up with two road rallies, one to a local nursing home, the other to Tiny's Ice Cream, a fire side chat and all the other regular things. More people rolling in and lots of time to learn and teach the world of Crosley.

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The face of registration


Some Crosley are put out of pasture


More Crafts for Kids

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Out for a ride on a V8 Doodlebug

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Lining up for cruise to nursing home


On the road again


Good turn out at nursing home

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New ice cream truck this year, freshly restored

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In the early days of the cruise we brought ice cream to share but after that the nursing home treats us and the residents, we just help pass it out

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Not all made it all the way to the nursing home, first he got behind, then lost and them broke down. He got a ride to the nursing home and I gave him a ride to find his car, it took awhile since he was lost when it broke down. FarmOroad makes a good tow vehicle.


Tim's latest creation, he is explaining how he made it to Dale of Service Motors


Work horse


Jam session


Finished kids crafts

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They were rolling in all day


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