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The Early Birds get earlier every year, reports are that members were spotted as early as the Thursday before the meet. By Sunday before the start, 16 Crosleys were running around. The Early Bird pictures start on Tuesday before the show, so I'm no longer an early bird. As in the past, the early days are used to renew old friendships and lots of Crosley talk and repair help from the experts. Wednesday morning a new event was held, a short drive, ~8 miles, to breakfast together, 31 members and 8 Crosley attended. Later on Wednesday a group of members headed for a restoration shop/museum for a tour. Some members come early to use the Wauseon location to do day trips by themselves or small informal groups to the surrounding area coming back for evening chats.

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Garages on wheels are popular


The numbers grow every year

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We do a bit of horsing around too


Undercover clown

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The Yankee crew working on "Evil Betty", putting the bumper on was the easy part, she came and went numerous times before running right. Ted and his crew fixed a lot of Crosley during the build up to the Show. Six fixed by Tuesday was reported.


I like looking in open trailers.
What's better than one 8 cylinder Crosley?


You never know what you might find, a second 8 cylinder Crosley, this one a flat 8.


On Wednesday some of the members took a road trip to Snooks Dream Cars in Bowling Green, Ohio


Lots to see


Besides a museum they have a restoration shop

Even games to play


Where to look next


This is interesting


Owner builder and CAC's 3rd Youth Mechanic ready to take over ownership to restore. Owner got when 12 and drove as a stock Crosley in High School, then in his 20s he wanted a sports car so he made one.


Winder up


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