2017 Thursday

Thursday the meet starts to ramp up.  The road trip to the nursing home was again followed with a local Boy Scout troop for talk and rides. The end of the day was the popular campfire and I forgot to take photos but it was well attended and Teddy (Yankee Crosley) didn't burn anything down again this year.

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2017 Thursday

Our nursing home display can get a little crowed and creative parking techniques sre sometimes required.

We had a good turn out with around 20 cars covering most of the years and models that Crosley made.
2017Thursday-4.JPG 2017Thursday-5.jpg 2017Thursday-6.jpg
2017Thursday-7.JPG 2017Thursday-8.JPG 2017Thursday-9.jpg

Each owner took a few minutes tell a bit about themselves and their car.
2017Thursday-11.JPG 2017Thursday-12.JPG

The primary spokesman this year was Jeff Ackerman VP of CAC and Co-Chairman of the National meet
2017Thursday-13.JPG 2017Thursday-14.JPG

Fully loaded FarmOroad

The gathering with the Boy Scouts took place at the fairgrounds this year and we had a nice turn out.
2017Thursday-16.JPG 2017Thursday-17.JPG

The car owners talked about their cars and answered questions.
2017Thursday-19.JPG 2017Thursday-20.JPG 2017Thursday-21.JPG

Service Motors had a nice surprise, they are making a line of stainless tanks for most postwar models. Not exactly like the originals but when painted would pass most judging.

Thursday is slow enough there is still time to relax and shoot the breeze with friends.

Sign on the back says "U Grow & We Mow"

Yankee Crosley was busy most of the week repairing Crosleys for their owners, some in disguise
2017Thursday-28.jpg 2017Thursday-29.jpg

It is fun to walk or in my case cruise in my FOR. the fairgrounds to find all the Crosleys tucked in here and there.

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