CAC 2004 Show Time - Saturday

Saturday is show and flea market day.  A few of these pictures were taken on Friday but fit the story for Saturday and are in the same  location as Saturday.  FarmOroad was the SpotLight class for 2004 and we had a bunch of them.  I never did get a good count but it was around 18.  Probably more FORs than have ever been in one place at the same time including the factory.  We had 108 Show cars, 12 cars for sale and 48 flea market spots.  Weather was great.  If you missed this years show, better ink it in for 2005 on July 8th and 9th.


Paul Gorrell was the spotlight of the SpotLight class with his FOR with every attachment know to have been  available.

This shot shows the snow blade, front mount chopper mower and skis for winter use on front wheels.

The trailer is Paul's way of showing both the pickup and dump box.

See other closes ups for other implements.

The top was also optional.

Very rare post hole digger.  This was only sold for a short time because of the vibration transfered to the FOR.

Back seat in dump box was also an option.

Disk Harrow

Hay Rake

Gang Reel Mower


Here are a few things you would usually not have on at the same time.  10 inch Plow and Sickle mower.  These option mount on the hydraulic draw bar.  The mower runs off the rear power takeoff.

Front mounted 3 bladed chopper mower. Runs off optional front PTO.

Snow Plow and Skis

A front chain operated draw bar is used to raise the mower or the snow blade

There is little know about this attachment, this factory photo shows them installed but they are not listed in any of the literature that has been found so far.

Better shot of Sickle mower, along with the optional dual wheels.

A 4:1 gear reduction transfer case is engaged for use in the field.

More Photos - Thursday, Friday, Saturday


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