2000 Crosley Nationals

Saturday Show Time - This years SpotLite class featured the Hot Shot and Super Sports what insiders call the VC models. Know one seems to know what VC stood for, but it is the prefix of their Serial Number. Boy did we have a bunch of VCs this year. A total of 75 show cars plus 21 forsale gaves an all time record 96 Crosleys on the grounds.

Some custom work on the front of this Hotshot.

Just a small sample of the VCs on the show field.

There were more VCs for sale in the flea market this year than I ever remember seeing in one place.

Two of the many hopped up Crosley mills at the show. The one on the left has a dual carb setup and lots of Braje dress up parts. The engine below also decked out in Braje assesories has a supercharger and is mounted in a Hotshot chassis. The body wasn't done in time for the show.

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