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Crosley Automobile Club was founded in 1969 and has around 900 members world wide.

The Crosley club helps bring together collectors of Crosley cars and other products of Powel Crosley. The club publishes 4 newsletters per year, the Crosley Quarterly and a roster of members every other year (new members get most recent roster).

The club sponsors a National meet the second Saturday in July at the Fulton County Fair grounds in Wauseon, Ohio (old Exit 3) Exit 34 on the Ohio Turnpike. The show is now 3 days and officially starts on Thursday, with many showing up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Crosley Motors Incorporated had its main office and engineering facility in Cincinnati Ohio, with assembly plants in Richmond Indiana (1939-1942) and Marion Indiana (1946-1952).

The Crosley automobile was the brain child of Powel Crosley, who had already made his fortune as a radio and appliance manufacturer, owner of WLW the "Nation's Station" and the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.

Crosley Corporation - Current appliance company
Crosley Radio Corporation - Current radio company

Crosley of the Month

Richard Campbell post these pictures and the question anyone know where the Little Digger is today? "Over the course of three years (1957-1959), the Little Digger was unbeaten in the HM class on the west coast. Built by Chalmers Hall of Phoenix, Arizona, the little Crosley-powered special took first in class honors in ten of its twelve races. (It failed to finish in the other two events.) The engine delivered 55 bhp at 8500 rpm. Transmission was a modified MG TC unit with a Morris pressure plate. The body was assumed to be a home-made aluminum shell. Weighing a mere 760 pounds (wet), the Little Digger’s weight was evenly distributed, with 48% front and 52% rear with driver. Wheelbase 84-inches, overall length 121-inches, width 50-inches, track 44-inches, and height 33-inches. Speed at the quarter mile was clocked at 84.6 mph, and top speed was 114 mph."

Above photo Copyright by Art Still,  The Digger was last heard of when it was trailered to Mexico where Hall competed in a road race. One report says Hall transplanted the engine from Digger to a Giaur that he also took to Mexico after blowing the Giaur engine.  If anyone knows what happen to  Digger after it got to Mexico let me know and I will pass it on the Richard.

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2022 CAC Nationals July 4-9
Wauseon, Ohio

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2021 National Summary

Monday July 5th
Not officially on the schedule but Ted opened up the Yankee Crosley garage for the first of several days where Ted and his crew of volunteers tune up and repair your Crosley for free, you just pay for the parts if needed. They can't do really big jobs with the equipment and time available but they got many Crosleys running great again. From my observation a lot of problems were solved with fresh fuel, carb cleaning and maybe a fuel pump. Early Bird Picnic Dinner, sponsored by the New England Region was well attended with standard picnic spread served.
Tuesday July 6th
  Lots of small groups catching up and talking Crosley. Meeting new people as they arrived and buzzing around the fairgrounds and town. Many of us depend on our Crosleys as our only means of transportation once we setup camp or settle into a motel. Crosley Crafters was an excuse for talk other than Crosleys and attracted a small gathering each day. Crosleys were out in force for the Downtown Wauseon local cruise, enough so that their are rumors that they may move the cruise to the fairgrounds while we are in town next year.
Wednesday July 7th
   Breakfast With Friends drive gave another excuse to drive our Crosleys even though many members drove modern. Fulton County Museum, short drive but had a nice row of Crossleys out front. The guided tour was very interesting. For a relatively new museum they had many interesting exhibits covering from ancient pre-indian times till the 90s. Crosley Kids Craft time with Debbie in the Jr. Fair building is always a favorite. A surprise that didn't get on the calendar was a magician, Deb is going to try and get him back next year. Adult Craft with Dave and Debbie – Build Your Own Crosley Clock had a few less participants than expected mainly because the afternoon turned into our only heavy rain for the week, even though it was forecast most every day.
Thursday July 8th
   New this year the flea market officially opened on Thursday even though their was a bit of activity earlier.
Silent Auction opened, by the time everyone had brought in their donations we had 188 items, including some big buck items like a nice driver station wagon. Ohio Region Trading Post sold a lot of parts for members that didn't want to be tied down to a flea market space. Ladies’ Breakfast with Debbie Anspach, met in the Jr. Fair building this year with pastries and coffee and a talk by President Dave. Board of Directors and Officers meeting covered many topics that will be reported in full at a later date. A quick summary we are gaining membership slowly, treasury is in good shape, we decided to continue with 1st class mail for the Quarterly, We are looking into ways to improve access to the club library of material which is currently scattered among a few members and no dues increase again this year. President Dave and First Lady Debbie Anspach (officially accredited judges for the AACA) talked on AACA or Concourse level showing. Fulton Manor Nursing Facility Cruise was just a drive by this year because of visiting restrictions still in place. We had a small delay for some afternoon sprinkles but had a nice line of Crosleys present to drive around the loop a couple of times for the residents to view that had come outside to see us. FARMO (bingo) with Dave and Debbie was well attended.  The Crosley Technical Talks, I missed most of this so not sure what all was discussed but I did get their in time to see a demonstration of glass installation in our Youth Mechanic's 47 Crosley Sedan.  The Keystone Region Road Rally! To Tiny’s Ice Cream Bar didn't quite beat the 2019 record amount but 58 Crosleys is still a respectable showing. This year we were led by one of our members that is also a police officer in Wauseon. Jan knew better what speed we would want and even though she drove her police car we had a well paced parade.  Fireside Chat camp fire was held, the member that brought the wood kept it dry and we had a nice circle of friends talking. Dave encouraged some story telling and our Quarterly editor Abi went around the circle to see how many Crosleys were owned by those in attendance, 339.
Friday July 9th
Flea market and other things continued, a few more vendors showed up. The World’s Longest Line of Crosleys was tried, we looped the complete midway with 92 Crosleys. Crosley Kids Crafts with Debbie and Mary continued. Crosley Pinewood Derby, directed by Don and Patti Dvornik was well attended, lots of smiling kids (and adults). Crosley Automobile Games, directed by Cody, was fun as always with a new game of ring the dipstick added to Going to the Dance. Annual Banquet in the air conditioned Junior Fair Building started a little late but was well attended and with goods food. We were kept entertained with some old Crosley photos from years gone by, assembled by Judy Helm. Crosley Drive In theater was set on the grass at the show field. Initially we thought everyone one would view the movie from a Crosley but a lawn chair was more comfortable in the long run. The movie "Cars" was enjoyed on the 20 foot screen.
Saturday July 10th
  Flea market and other things continued, lots of cars for sale this year, 31 was reported. The show field opened with cars photographed as you enter the field, we had a record number this year with 139 cars shown plus many exhibits in the main building. Crosley Kids Treasure Hunt with Debbie was held with several age groups, they needed to find specific club members and ask them a question for a sticker, best time with correct answers won. Silent auction winners were announced, one surprise was a family from down near Cincinnati were in attendance with their 7 year old son Crosley. They were in attendance all week and had such a good time they joined the club and had the wining bid on the Crosley Station Wagon, Their son Crosley was all smiles and jumping up and down. Annual Members Meeting and Award Ceremony was held in air conditioned comfort again this year. Dave was reelected president some business was held, more later in Quarterly. Lane Williams was presented the title to his Youth  Project 47 Sedan, since it was 95% completed, beautiful job. Awards were handed out with the winners car projected on the wall as they came up for their trophy. The Memorial Picnic was held – Our final meal together, with picnic-style food and drinks provided. Many members shared memories of members that have pasted. We said our goodbys with some members already packed to pull out. The rest of us finished packing and waited till Sunday morning to pull out.


The club is primarily for the support of Crosley vehicle owners, but welcomes all that are interested in the products of Powel Crosley. The club also welcomes owners of the various vehicles that used the Crosley engine such as the Crofton, Bandini, Devin, Panda, Sabre, Skorpion, etc. Custom vehicles using any part of the Crosley are also welcome. A special class for non-automotive Crosley products such as radios and appliances made by Crosley is part of our National show and the occasional articles in the Quarterly.

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