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Crosley Automobile Club was founded in 1969 and has around 800 members world wide.

The Crosley club helps bring together collectors of Crosley cars and other products of Powel Crosley. The club publishes 4 newsletters per year, the Crosley Quarterly and a roster of members every other year (new members get most recent roster).

The club sponsors a National meet the second Saturday in July at the Fulton County Fair grounds in Wauseon, Ohio (old Exit 3) Exit 34 on the Ohio Turnpike. The show is now 4 days and officially starts on Wednesday, with early bird events starting on Monday.

Crosley Motors Incorporated had it's main office and engineering facility in Cincinnati Ohio, with assembly plants in Richmond Indiana (1939-1942) and Marion Indiana (1946-1952).

The Crosley automobile was the brain child of Powel Crosley, who had already made his fortune as a radio and appliance manufacturer, owner of WLW the "Nation's Station" and the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.

Crosley Corporation - Current appliance company
Crosley Radio Corporation - Current radio company

Crosley of the Month

Tom Gerhard's (CT) - Here is his words - "My Dad bought this Super Sports in 1960 or '61 and drove it for quite a while, including driving to and from work. He taught me to drive in it on back roads in upstate PA when I was 12 or 13; eventually the car was parked until he started to restore it in the late '90s, but he was unable to finish it before he passed away and it passed on to me.

Ted Dellacamera did a great job finishing Dad's work, and it was first driven on public roads at Wauseon in 2019.  I'm now driving around town when I can and taking it to local car shows."

Tom has changed a bit since he was helping Dad in the first photo hanging over the front around 1960 and the above photo. I used the first photo in my Crosley Garage column in the CAC Quarterly in Winter 2017. Finally got the second photo and decided it was two good not to use.

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2023 CAC Nationals July 3-8
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Monday July 4th
Early Bird Dinner
Tuesday July 5th
  Lots of informal gatherings and talk about what we had been doing for the last year and general Crosley talk. Some lasting into the night.
  Downtown Wauseon local cruise was attended by a number of members forming their on sub cruise class.
Wednesday July 6th
  Breakfast With Friends is only about three miles away, had a good turn out.
  Crafts with Debbie at the Jr. Fair building.
  FARMO Bingo with Debbie in the Jr. Fair building for those that needed some time in air conditioning and get their Bingo fix.
Thursday July 7th
   Flea Market officially opened with a few vendors all though unofficially the flea market has been open all week with some early buying and selling. Usually a good showing of cars for sale from very roughed to nice drivers.
  Silent Auction
  Ohio Region Trading Post
  Ladies Breakfast with 1st Lady. I think it is like a fight club, what happens in Lades Breakfast stays in Ladies Breakfast. They all seemed to enjoy it.
  Board of Directors Meeting Saturday.
  Fulton Manor Nursing Facility Cruise
  Crosley Technical Talk Time
  Keystone Region Road Rally
  Fireside chat in the camping area
Friday July 8th
Flea Market - a few more vendors showed up.
  Crosley Kids Craft time with Debbie
  Crosley pinewood Derby - a kid and crowd favorite
  Crosley Automobile Games
  Annual Banquet
  Crosley Drive-in Theater
Saturday July 9th
  Flea Market reaches it's peak.
  Ohio Region Trading Post
  Crosley Kids Treasure Hunt
  Silent Auction winners announced
  Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony
  Memorial Picnic a final fine meal. A time for us to remember those that have come and gone before us and say our goodbys for another year.

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The club is primarily for the support of Crosley vehicle owners, but welcomes all that are interested in the products of Powel Crosley. The club also welcomes owners of the various vehicles that used the Crosley engine such as the Crofton, Bandini, Devin, Panda, Sabre, Skorpion, etc. Custom vehicles using any part of the Crosley are also welcome. A special class for non-automotive Crosley products such as radios and appliances made by Crosley is part of our National show and the occasional articles in the Quarterly.

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