Crosley the War Years


Crosley shut down car production in 1942 along with all the other auto manufactures and started War productions. Here is a sample of some of the products they built.

If you have any info or stories about any of these vehicles please let me know.


The Pup (CT3) was made in limited quantity for the Air Force, 36 seems to be the most used number for how many were built, in the 1942-43 time frame. Testing was done at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and possibly other places. One story that has been told, is that they were being considered for an air drop in Europe if D-day had been from the air instead of by Sea, the dates of manufacturing don't fit that story to well. They were, apparently, planned for dropping into battle via gliders. Six were reported shipped overseas.

The Pup was 4 wheel drive and was powered by the prewar Crosley 2cyl opposed air cooled engine

One is/was in a military museum at Ft. Eustis, VA, a second Pup is in the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, Pooler, GA. Several are known to exist in private collections.

Covered Wagon & Mosquito

The Covered Wagon was a production model, offered to the military. The open car was a lightly modified production Crosley. They were also tested at Aberdeen. The open vehicle has been called the Mosquito in several references.

Snow Tractor

One of a series of Snow Tractors that were made. This one was for pulling a dog sled like sled. Several of these are in private collections, at least one in running condition.

The owner showed movies of sking behind it a few years ago at a National meet.

Crosley's work on the Proximity Fuze was Top-Secret. The Proximity Fuze was consdered one of the three critical projects that was pivitoal in the Allied victory. Following the A Bomb and Radar in importance.

Crosley is credited with 28 improvments to the design and built nearly a quarter of all fuze produced. More Info


This was the Mule and is similar to a model made by Willys for the War effort.


Generators were a major contract for Crosley. They were made in many different forms for all branches of the military. 2.5KW and 5KW were the most common. They came on skids and wheel versions. Cold weather versions had oil pan gas fired heaters. We have stories of these being used on PT boats and Air Planes as well as the more normal ground uses.

They used the Tin Block engine that would later power the post war Crosley.



This model was called the Tug and came in several configurations including the machine gun model below.

Tug with Gun


Crosley also played with a "duck" like 7 passenger amphibious vehicle.  It was developed for swamp use. 

It has been reported that Paul Klotsch, Croley Engineer is driving with Powel seated in the stern. An unnamed Army Captain is in front. 

Photos were taken in Cincinnati at the Public Landing at the foot of Broadway, on the Ohio River


Amphibious tracked trailer that went with this strange craft.

Crosley's attempt at motorcycles also has many stories and not many facts. The contract seems to have been been issued in the 1939 - 1940 time frame. One persistent story is that the contract was directly or indirectly with Russia. Either 3 or 4 motorcycles were made. One 3 wheel model and at least 2 two wheel models. A third 2 wheel model has shown up in some pictures, but it may have been a variant of the first two.

The motorcycles were powered by the prewar Crosley 2cyl opposed air cooled engine with prop shaft drive.

At least two have survived and are what are shown here. They are in a private collection.

2 wheel motorcycle
3 wheel motorcycle
3 wheel motorcycle

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