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Dave Anspach, our Quarterly editor, rolled into the 2003 Nationals on Wednesday with this load, having just bought the CD wagon.

Two days later the restoration was underway. Can't wait to see the progress at the 2004 Nationals.

Don Hammond's 1941 Crosley Convertible Sedan presented to him by his kids on his 66th birthday in May 2003.  Daughter Jenny (the baby of the family) will graduate from Mary Washington College in May 2004. That's her smiling behind the wheel.  The 41 is just like the first car he owned when he was 15.

"The orange color is not original of course, but does make it a bit easier to see when I drive it. The neighbors and their children are all delighted to see little Blossom as she putters through the community and she never fails to attract a crowd when we stop. It usually takes a bit of Crosley Pre War History and answers to many questions before I can amble on, but Blossom never fails to leave smiles and waves behind her when we go!" Don lives in Fairfax County, Virginia.

You see some interesting displays at the Nationals.  This is Jak Phillip's load at the 2003 Nationals. Jak is from Long Island NY.

Here is John Buchanan's roundside with a nice flathead Ford displayed in the back.  John brought his pickup down from Michigan for last years Nationals.  That's Nancy, his wife, cleaning off the morning dew on Saturday morning.

The FarmORoad is the SpotLight class at the 2004 Nationals.  This is a nice one from the 2003 Nationals. Not 100% sure but I think this one belongs to Merle Tiger.

You do see all kinds of Crosleys at the Nationals.  Ted DellaCamera brought this one to last years Nationals.  He even tried to set it on fire on Friday afternoon.  Don't miss the excitement.

The FarmORoad was the SpotLight class at the 2004 Nationals.  This is a Paul Gorrell's well equipped winner of that class.

Paul believes he now has every attachment made for the FOR.  More shots.

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