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These pictures were sent to me by Tim Freshley. 

This was Dave Edwards Icyball display at the 2003 Ohio Region meet.  More Icyball Info

Paul Gorrell's 1941 Parkway Delivery at the 2003 Nationals

This nice 48 1/2 Wagon belongs to Rick Cambell of New York. The driver is his 8 year old daugher and the passenger his 4 year old son.

The FarmOroad is the 2004 SpotLight class at the Nationals.  Here is mine ready to go.  I scaled down from when my dad owned it.

From 1981 National Show.  My dad pulling a 21 foot Airstream with his FOR.  Deane Sherman riding shotgun. Another shot of the big pull.

Mike Adams' Golf Cart started life as a 1949 Crosley wagon. Mike bought his new toy from Jean Allan last summer and has been having lots of fun.  Before Jean it was owned by a fellow in Western Indiana.

Mike would like to know about earlier History if anyone recognizes the conversion. "What do I plan to do with it? I dunno! I just liked it, so I bought it."

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