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This is a factory made electric Crosley.  It was made around 1942 for Powel Crosley's grandson Lew's birthday.

This was at the 1977 Nationals.  Lew had just finished a full restoration. Click here for a picture of the engine.

This was a new for me, this is a 1953 Giaur (pronounced Jow-er, like you would say power, only with a "J"), made in Italy. It is the Champion model 750 and is one of only three that remain of the roughly 13 that were built of this variation.  Giaur made about 50 cars but most of them Fiat/Gianinni modified engined cars that put out roughly 40hp.  The body work is aluminum and the fenders are removable to run in two classes of races.

It has a highly modified Crosley variant engine (probably one of the large block late engines) as it dyno test shows it putting out 77hp at 9500rpms.  The car raced in Italy and in US in H modified by Challmers Hall and Walter Walton. The Giaur is owned by Raffi Minasian <>, please contact him if you have any information on the car or any questions.

Paul Gorrell brought this unique commercial vehicle to the Nationals back in 1983. 

No the picture wasn't flipped it is right hand drive.

Jim Oliver's 47 roundside at the 2003 Nationals, fresh from a complete restoration.  This was a complete surprise for me.  This is the roundside that my best friend owned that we drove everywhere in high school.

That's Dave in the blue/green T-shirt with the big smile above.  If you want to see what Dave and the pickup looked like in 1964 click here and scroll towards the bottom.

Steve DiMartino of Lexington, Kentucky is the owner creator of this very "HOT", Hot Shot.  This roadster was widened and dropped on full custom frame with a small block Ford engine. 

The extra width makes a very nicely proportioned sports car/street machine. These shots were taken at the 2001 Nationals but it was back again in 2002. 

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