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Paul Gorrell's custom 52 Convert. He won the best 52 in the Spotlight class at the 2002 Nationals.

All 1952 models were honored at the 2002 Nationals, almost 50 years to the day when Crosley shut the doors.

Besides the obvious continental spare, it has a Braje trimmed out engine and 3 tops, a clear top shown in top shot, a regular top and a removable hardtop shown both partially installed above. Sorry for two similar shots but I wanted to show the tops. Here is the front.

In looking at my rules, I didn't say the Crosley of the Month had to have an engine or be from the automotive division of Crosley. The rules do say I get to pick.

The name of the owner of this interesting Crosley trailer was not submitted, but I thank Bill Hossfield for sending me the pictures. Now you know what to do with that old Crosley frig in the barn.

Bill Angert's 51 Sedan Delivery.

He won his class at the 2002 Nationals in Wauseon.

I need help on this one. This Crosley is in Brazil and this is the letter that came with it.

"This is my 1952 Crosley Jeep Super. I spent almost six years restoring it. I think it is the only one of this model here in Brazil. I'm from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. I would like to receive more information about this model. May you help Thanks for your attention." Alencar Alves de Souza

Well it is obviously a Farm-O-Road variant, but was it factory for export or a nice custom many years ago? Note: doors, tailgate and one piece body. I have corresponded or talked to 5 Crosley collectors from Brazil this year, isn't the Internet wonderful.

This is Jak "Phamily" Phillips Little Phoot monster truck from Long Island.

Note the outboard motor for when he really gets in deep. Nice mud job Jak.

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