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I don't know much about these pictures but have been waiting for a good time to use them. They were labeled as Howard Murrill of TN with his 51 Crosley.

He looks like a proud owner of an almost new Crosley in 1952 and thought they would be a good welcoming in for 2020.

CAC Vice President anf National Meet Chairman Jeffrey Ackerman's 1950 FarmOroad. He bought it from Paul and Suzanne Weimer at the National meet 1999. "It has been a National show winner several times over the years. Both of the girls learned to drive on this FarmOroad. Heather, at age 15 helped restore it in 2000, She now drives it occasionally when home.

Samantha has been driving it around the house since age 13. Now, at age 16, she has shown it at the National meet the past three years. If you have attended the National meet recently, You probably recognize this FarmOroad as the one that never has time to cool off, as Samantha typically goes through two tanks of fuel at the meet ! I am glad to see these Crosley kids having fun with this fine FarmOroad."

CAC Nationals are just around the corner, it isn't to early to start making plans to be there. The VC (Hotshot & Super Sports) are the featured class this year. The picture above is from the 2000 Nationals. The VC was featured in 2000 and 2011 with 26 cars on the grounds. Jeff, our meet chairman, is hoping to double that for 2020.Whatever you have bring it to the meet or just bring yourself for a great time, July 6-11, Wauseon Ohio. More info.

Charlie Nicholas's Flying Saucer. Charlie had a Crosley Dealership in MN and built this custom Crosley. Some remembrances from Chet Tschetter, who worked for Charlie part time from 1952-54 while he was in High School.

"Charlie was short and stout, had a hard time bending over a fender to service a normal car engine except a VW, Porsche, MG or an Austin Healey. He also had a bit of a problem sliding under cars as his shop had no lift, only a creeper, standard floor jacks and stands.  I guess that is where I came in at 5’10” and 155 lbs.  I could bend over and crawl under and Charlie would issue instructions and away we went.

Crosley’s were his love but his ‘Furrin’ car shop was always full of foreign marks.  He knew and understood them all.  Under Charlie’s tutelage I had the pleasure working on many.  Being short and stout, he always had his footstool at the ready to give him the added height to bend over a fender.

Charlie was very proud of his Crosley Flying Saucer.  He drove it to the Indianapolis 500 at least once and I recall it created quite a stir as a rather unusual small American car.  The color was very close to a British Racing Green.  The car came out only on special occasions but one would always see Charlie wearing his customary beige one piece coveralls.

Yes, his sense of humor was great, janitor he was as the shop was always clean.  Humor he had, automobile psychiatrist yes - he listened to hear automotive problems which he then confirmed and repaired. "

Ted DellaCamera (CT) bought the Saucer at the 2019 Crosley Nationals and did a bit of sprucing up of an earlier restoration and has had it to many shows and an appearance on Chasing Classic Cars with Wayne Carini. Ted report about his time doing Chasing Classic Cars. "Not only was it a blast to work with the crew and Wayne, the car itself had a blast—with smoke coming from the engine bay! As the car was cresting a hill in mid-July, the motor lost power and both oil caps blew off.

Wayne and I got the Flying Saucer back to the garage, where I pulled the spark plugs. I cleaned and checked all the plugs before reinstalling them. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to fix the problem. The heat that was generated in that one incident melted a piston so Wayne wasn’t able to get back behind the wheel and finish what had started out as a really fun ride.

I was bummed and worked like a crazy man for the next week to find a replacement piston. If you’re already a fan of Crosley’s cars, then you know how hard it is to find some of these parts. But, I managed to find a piston that would work if I replaced all four; the replacement wouldn’t work with the remaining three.  Wayne’s schedule didn’t allow him to come back to continue the story so what you’ll see on Chasing Classic Cars isn’t the happy ending I wanted, with Wayne smiling as he finished his trip in this one-of-a-kind car."

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