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Richard Campbell of NY owns this  beautiful restored Crosley powered H-Modified.  A few years ago his Miller built H-Mod was spotlighted.

This car was built by Gene Voigt of Defiance Ohio around 1959. Richard found it 10-12 years ago and restored it for vintage racing with the VSCCA. Great action photos of the car at Lime Rock. A side/rear shot.

Deane Sherman (OH) showing off his trophy at the 1979 Crosley Nationals. The 48 sedan was his first full restoration of a Crosley. The car is now owned by Tom McDowell (CO). Deane went on to have many show winning restorations and unique displays over the years.

Deane help lead the club as a board member for over 30 years and was key to making the Nationals run smoothly even longer. He passed on February 26, 2018 and will be sorely missed by us all.
Miguel Amaral, our member in Portugal, sent these photos of his 1950 Hotshot. He bought it in The Netherlands about a year ago in nice condition but needing a little work here and there.

Miguel writes "some pictures of the Crosley taking part in the new year rally, at my local town, and also in the elegance parade (both events are held every year), towing our small BMW Isetta."
Paul Rinehart of Ohio picked up an interesting homemade jeep with an even more interesting story. The story goes that it came from a circus where they locked the steering, set a little throttle, and a bear "drove" it in circles under the big top. Notice how far back the seat is. A normal person would have trouble sitting in the seat and reaching the steering wheel and pedals.

It has been suggested to Paul that he needed to find a bear suit to wear when he shows it. Appears to be a 51-52 chassis, 9 inch juice brakes, engine not stuck. Chassis has been cut down to a 57 inch wheelbase. If anyone has any info on the history of this Bearmobile please let me know so I can pass it on to Paul. Must be pictures of the bear driving it in someones home photos.  Hope we see it at the Nationals in the future.

How is this for a transformation? The above shot was taken a couple of years ago at Hershey. Ken Acheson of NJ made this ugly duckling into a swan.

Amazing what a couple years of hard work will produce. Here is a side and rear shot.

In trying to pick a Crosley of the Month I thought I should pick a CC since it is Spotlight class at this months Nationals and what better place to look than 2008 National photos when CC was last Spotlight. Lots of great CCs to pick from but I picked Deane Sherman's Give Em Hell Harry 1947 Convertible for one an original car. Deane carefully used water based paint thinking it would wash off but didn't try to wash it off till much later and it didn't.

And Deanna Tipton's very original 47 Sedan as the other. Deanna was given the sedan, by her Father while still in high school. It still has original floor mats. Deanna and her Father even attended a meet of the original Crosley Car Owners Club back in the early 50s.

Steve DeMartino of KY drove his CC up to the Nationals, Not exactly stock but a real eye catcher.

Steve says it just floats down the highway, hitting 80mph at 2500 RPM. The secret is under the hood, a straight 8 Buick.
James Dlapa of California sent me this picture earlier this Summer of a Prewar he bought around 600 miles from home. His Sprinter Van made a good enclosed car hauler.

James's photo reminded me of an earlier Prewar hauler, I took this shot in 2000 at the Crosley Nationals. Paul Weimer from IL did this hauling. Another angle, the windshield was missing to fit in the lower head room van.

It is Hershey time again. I was talking to John Holsopple on the phone last month and a short time later the above photo appeared in my eMail. This was the second year I had a space at Hershey and the first year I represented the Crosley Club at Hershey, 1973. We slept in the back of the 67 Ranchero under that tarp.

The above picture was at the 2015 Hershey. A lot has changed over the last 40+ years, besides getting older. The whole flea market is now on pavement. Our sleeping accommodations have improved (we have changed again since this picture) as has our booth space. Hershey this year is Oct 10-13. We will pull in around noon on the 9th and pull out sometime on the 13th. We are using Crosley blocks to hold down the canopy so if your looking down you will find our booth and if your looking up look for the big Crosley signs. Stop into CI 8-10, that is in the South Chocolate field, and say hi.

Martha Straube of southwest Oregon is the proud owner of Sid and now Tillie, a 1941 convertible coupe. Tillie has been getting a face-lift, and will be home this Fall. When her new top will go on, and she will be ready to knock socks off next year!

Martha writes "“Sid” was my first car project ever, and was very stressful. But you get used to it, and just keep on, I guess. Nobody died....but it was tempting, so tempting..." The before picture of Martha's 49 wagon, Sid.
Decided to do a Christmas theme this month. The above is from Chicago's November 1947 Christmas Parade, Roundside pickup with many mini Santa.

An ad from the Tokyo paper December 15, 1950. Wonder how many Crosmobiles were sold in Japan? Have any survived?

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