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Time for some oldies from the archives. This is an advertising postcard for McCall Appliance of Indiana PA. One if the many Crosley appliance dealers that signed up to also sell Powel's car in 1939. Click to see the back side for a list of purchase possibilities.

Another Crosley dealer expanding in to the auto trade in 1939. This one in New Castle, PA. Note the Shelvadore Refrigerator with shelves in the doors. Crosley was the only company to offer shelves for years, the rest place a model housewife in front of the door so you couldn't see the blank space. Both images can be made bigger by clicking on them.

To kick off the build up to the Nationals in July where Modified Crosleys will be the Spotlight Class. This 51 Wagon at first glace doesn't look all that modified and might even make it into the stock class, that is till you hear it running. It is re-powered by a Harley Davidson air cooled twin. This was owned and shown back in 2008 at the Nationals by Barry Dennis of Michigan.  Not sure if Barry still owns it, if anyone knows send me a note.

The before history is also interesting, Ronnie Kaczmar, long time Crosley owner and member of CAC used it as his daily driver until his death in the mid 2000s. The car had over 200,000 actual miles on it and needed a lot of work. Will not guess how many engine swaps. One of the highest mileage Crosley in existence if not the highest. Here is a before picture.

Here is a list of some of the modification.

Start getting your Crosleys ready for July both modified, stock, race and other variations, we have classes for all of them.

Decided to show some past photos of volunteers from the Nationals. Above is Sara Sherman announcing door prize winners in 1986. She still makes it to the Nationals most years with her kids for at least one day. I can't place the two behind the counter if anyone recognizes them send me an eMail.

Working the Crosley store in 1987 is Lois Friday and Cathy Gormont. Lois and her family don't miss a year and now supplies us with her Crosley embroidered line of clothes. Kathy came with her brother Arnold for years and then with her son Richard.

Some more modifieds to get you ready for the Nationals and the spotlight class. Not all modifieds are Crosleys with some other make engine sometimes they are Crosley powered creations. Here are two that were shown at the 2003 Nationals. Above a nice custom roadster that probably has some Crosley body parts but they are hard to pick out. It is was reported as being owned by Chuck Dillon of Ohio but this is a similar but different car. Owner on known.

Here is a nice 3 wheel motorcycle with a Crosley engine. My good friend Dave looking it over but not ready to trade in his Harley Sportster yet.

If anyone knows who owned/owns the motorcycle let me know and I will add their name. If they are yours dust them off and bring them this year.

They all need to be saved but some are harder than others. These two shots are of a rescue Barry Smedley of Indiana made a few years ago.

Not sure if this is on Barry's list for a future restoration or just parts.

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