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Recently had a chance to stop in to visit Gerald Davenport in Kentucky at his Crosley Dealership. I had a great time and Gerald and his wife were great hosts. I toured Gerald's two show rooms several storage areas and shop. Lost count of how many Crosleys were there but Gerald says close to 50 including his 3 cars that have run on the salt flats.

This is a snap shot of a small portion of show room #1. He has cars, appliances radios, advertizing signs, and even a complete Crosley steel cabinet kitchen complete with a lazy susan style corner cabinet. Part and engine everywhere you look. Thanks for a great visit.

It's always like waiting for Christmas to see what Paul Gorrell will bring to the Nationals each year but this year he even gift wrapped it. This years was to tall for his enclosed trailer and to delicate to carry open.

Duane Gorrell found this strange vehicle and bought it but didn't even get it home before Dad decided he needed it more. Paul had noticed the number of very similar Surrey's that had shown up over the years, including President Dwight Eisenhower's.  He found that many were made by the same company.

Barry Seel of PA brought this very nice 50 Super Convertible to the Nationals this year. It turned out to be a real sleeper, very stock looking inside and out till you noticed the dual exhaust. He even put quiet mufflers on so it wasn't an immediate give away.

When he lifted the hood you saw why he needed dual exhaust. He has a nice Ford V8 60 under the hood. Barry was troubled with carb and ignition problems so I never got a ride, but those that did said, when it was running it was a real smooth ride.

Ken Cahill of Ohio had his newest toy delivered to Wauseon. It is a Transiter fork lift that is Crosley powered.  Should make moving Ken's other stuff around easier.

The whole package gets a little tight in the engine compartment.  One surprise that Ken didn't expect is the engine is a CoBra.

Here is Roger Pieters' Crosmobile. Roger lives in Belgium and may have the only Crosley in the country.

Roger getting ready to take his Crosmobile to some sort of parade. Back shot of Crosmobile.

Camp Hale with the Mountaineers circa 1943 - The Pup was tested at Hale for cold weather duty and other testing to see if they wanted to make a larger order.  Our records say a total of 36 Pups were constructed for testing at several sites. The picture above seems to have more of a floatation tire installed instead of the standard military cross tread.

Enlisted women helped in every noncombat role including the motor pool during WW-2, apparently the Pup was up for use when not in testing.

I bring to amazing Crosley powered tractors this month. I got both of these pictures and stories the same day.

Emerson Donnell of NJ wrote: "I have a tractor my father built using a Crosley Engine. My dad was a mechanical engineer and this was one of his hobbies, built this from scratch and used it for various things around the house." The picture shows three generations of Donnell's.

Steven Lee of MO wrote that his Father-In-Law, Ray Erickson, built custom cars as a hobby in his younger days: "It is a fully functional mower and plow.  I understand that he mowed and plowed with it a few times.  It actually toured the country with "World of Wheels".  I have some pictures of it on display.  Not sure for how long or how many show.  I know it made it as far as Oakland CA in the 1960's.   He was an Engraver for Hallmark Cards so the Dash is Hand Engraved Copper Plate.  It is really impressive." Here is a link to some of Ray Erickson's creations.

Jim Hill of NC, became an instant Crosley collector when he purchased 2 Crosleys and a bunch of parts last July from one of our older members. One is a 47 Sedan with tin block engine, the other a 51 Super Sports. The pictures I assume were taken on the day he picked up his treasurers. Both run. Some additional shots: Side, Front

He writes that they are in good shape with no rust. The CC was shown in the 90’s, and it looks like what maybe AACA National awards on the front.  He is driving the CC daily.  Some additional shots: Interior, Engine

The topic of the when the Super Sports first appeared comes up several times a year, since I just went through it again I thought I would post some factory photos and an announcement this month. The above announcement appeared in one of the Pop Mech type magazines in 1950. Click on the photo for easier reading.

The Photo above and to the left show the factory photo and announcement for the 1950 Super Sports, sometimes refereed to as a Super Hotshot since it was added to the Super line of Crosleys. Was announced to dealers on December 8th 1949. The official first showing was February 18, 1950 at the New York Sportsmen's Show. Primary difference from Hotshot the first year was folding top and deluxe cockpit trim and interior.

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