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The June 22nd online Cincinnati News had an article about the state of repair of the main Crosley building.  Above shows the building in it's glory days.

Above is the current condition.  The building has been condemned by the city.  The city would like to save the building and says it is a structurally sound but needing lots of work.  Follow the link at the beginning for the full story and more pictures.

Barry Smedley sent me some photos taken from the expressway of the building back in May and this one I found humorous. If Crosley had been successful maybe there would not be a large Toyota billboards blocking the view of the Crosley building.

Tim Freshley of Ohio brought this nice Street Rod to the Nationals.  He created this over several years from a very rough CC Sedan. The nose is a widened fiberglass PreWar nose and the front fenders are really CC fenders with a lot of modifications.

The back is the CC deck folded forward to the shortened roof. He has so many trick features in this car it would take a whole article to tell about them all.  It rides on a VC chassis. Here is a link to the big block Crofton engine that powers it. Here is a shot of the interior.

Here is the before and after pictures of President Dave's 1950 FarmOroad.  As you can see it was fairly complete but rough when he started.  Other pictures show a lot of rust underneath and a mess of an engine compartment.  All had to look like new again for AACA competition.

This was how it looked at the Spring AACA National show in Charlotte last year. It won it's 1st Junior Award at this meet. Dave has shown it at many prestigious shows around the country since and picked up his Senior AACA award this year at the Spring meet. Another angle.

This month we are revisiting the Dogs n' Suds double ended Crosley.  It was originally a CotM back in 2010.  Some new info has shown up since the original showing, above are to shots taken during what was possibly the most recent restoration.  Lee Arthur and his late brother in-law Law Mikael did the restoration back in 1976.  The restoration was strictly cosmetic but they did add wiring to the rear dash so the car could be started from either end.  At that time it was drivable but did smoke a bit.

The owner added back the Dog n' Suds graphics after he got the car back. After the last time the car was featured it was pointed out you can see the car sitting at the Dogs N' Suds from Bing and Google maps if you zoom in.  Look in the grassy area at the rear of the parking lot.

Reports are the car is still on display but in very bad condition and in need of another restoration. Have not seen any recent photos.

This is Tom Mather's yellow Super Sport. Restoration by Tom Mather.  The photo was take at the 2011 Crosley Nationals.  If I'm not mistaken that is former Crosley employee Sara Brown in the drivers seat.

Tom is from Maryland and did the restoration himself.

Richard Campbell of NY just finished Crosley powered H-Mod.  These pictures were taken at Lime Rock on it's first outing. It looks a lot like a early Jabro Mk I but I don't think that has been decided yet, last I heard Richard wasn't convinced.

Richard has tracked ownership back nearly to the builder who was  Eugene J. Voigt of Holgate, OH back in the 60's.  I will not try to tell the full story because CrosleyKook did a great writeup back in February and it has also been reported on Tam's Old Race Car Site.

Cutworm (aka Steve Rains) of Arkansas snaped this picture of his roundside waiting for better days.  Cut got a lot of grief about leaving his newly acquired pickup out in the snow. Cut responded with "Cut me some slack Jack. It HAS a tarp over all but the grill area. Sheesh! My other four garages are full of Crosleys. There is no room at the inn."

Another commented about using a Crosley to keep the snow off his trailer.
Cut bought his roundside from Bill Cunningham in TN.  The above picture shows Cut with his new truck soon after he got it home. I'm sure Cut will make proper arrangements before another Winter comes.  Here is another shot of the pickup.

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