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This month we are in Ray Roberts garage in Colorado with his former Racing SS complete with Ford V8 60. He is doing a restoration back to its racing form.

He is using the "manual" VC lift method to reinstall the body.

Helping is Joe Borgering, Tom Botkin's grandson Daniel, Blake Philpot, Jurgen Steinert, myself, and not shown but directing or taking pictures, Tom Botkin and Pat Riley.

Here is a shot of the body before the lifting started.

Here are some of the Hotshots and Super Sports that were shown the last time the VC was the Spot Light class back in 2000.  At that point in time, it was probably safe to say that there was never more VCs in one place before, even at the factory.

Don Miller of PA owns this nice Crosley powered Jacques tractor.  Never heard for sure how many Jacques were made with Crosley engines but I have heard guesses in  the 200-300 range.  

Here are a couple of more views - Front and Rear Drive

Paul Gorrell's Hotshot #1, the prototype that all future VCs were derived from, had the #1 spot in the Spotlight class for 2011.  He tried for many years to buy this Hotshot, it was at the Crosley dealer in his hometown of Burlington, IA.  He watched it go from a car that was being driven around town, till it was sinking into the ground with a block wall laying on top of it when the wall gave way. 

The dealer would not sell it, Paul finally bought it at the estate auction after he died.  Since there was nothing left he could restore, all that would be left if he tried would be the serial number plate, he strapped it to a trailer and painted signs on it to point out the differences from production.

Since I mentioned last month about the other interesting thing Paul Gorrell brought to the 2011 Nationals I decided to do back to back Paul since it was a close decision last month which to show first and the Hotshot #1 won out since VC was the spotlight class for 2011.  So here is his other display,  Paul got this sign in very bad shape many years ago and tucked it away. 

The dealer made it from a sedan that was badly damaged that they parted out.  It originally just had tires hanging out the bottom for the illusion of a car. Paul got the idea of making it drivable some years back and started looking for parts that would fit in the 8" cavity he had to fit everything into.  He finally found the last few parts and now he has "Skinny".  Here is a rear shot and a YouTube video.

Many Crosley collectors like to keep a low profile, not draw to  much attention, well Jak Phillips of New York is not in than group. 

He pulled into the Nationals this year with his H-Mod, or as he calls it PH-Mod, pulled by his custom camper van. Jak tells me he draws a bit of attention where every he goes.  A mighty Phine setup, as Jak would say.

Crosley has been chosen as the Feature Car for the 2012 Das Awkscht Fescht in Macungie PA held August 3-5.  As many Crosley as we can get in will be under the Big Feature Tent with the rest scattered around the edges of the tent.  The problem is we have to pay for the tent rental.  So to raise money we are selling raffle tickets with the drawing at Das Awkscht Fescht.  Grand Prize is a restored 1949 wagon and a restored Tokheim Short Gas Pump is the First Prize.  Second, third and fourth prizes will also be given out.  For full information on obtaining tickets see our Raffle Page.

And while your dreaming about winning the raffle, consider bringing your Crosley to Das Awkscht Fescht and help fill the tent.

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