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This may seem like an April Fools Joke but it is for real.  I debated about having another engine as CotM so soon but I just couldn't sit on this any longer.  I recently bought these photos plus another pair of another engine I will share in the future, but this is the wild one.  You are looking at a 2 cycle Crosley engine built by Bendix Aviation Corp, Scintilla Division in Sidney NY in 1957.  Note the distributor with 8 plug wires, going to T connectors so each cylinder fires twice with the same distributor rotation.

I sent copies off to two of our engine experts, Chuck and Barry, for their opinions.  Of course they both want the engine.  They noted it is a whole new block, not a modified Crosley block.  They referred to it as a piston port 2 cycle fuel injected engine. Piston ported engines do not need intake valves.  Anyone know why Bendix built this engine? Does it still exist? Was there more than one? Any other info would be appreciated.  eMail Me, if you have answers.

This was back in 2004 when Geoff Male of Lawrenceburg Indiana was the winner of our Sharkey Drawing.  It looked better than it was and needed a full redo.  Custom built in 1950.  It was originally painted gray and called Sharkey by the family of the builder.

This is Sharkey today (Spring 2010), Geoff has been busy and still has a way to go but he is ready for final paint after more hours sanding than he wants to think about.  He is planning on going back to a gray Shark look as it was originally.  Probably not going to be finish for this years Nationals, but soon he promises.

Paul Gorrell's son Duane sent these photos and descriptions of his Dad's Winter project. "This one is/was not for the weak of heart. If Dad did not restore it no one in their right mind would have. If all goes as planned, it will be at Wauseon or bust!"

"The first picture was taken in November of 2009 as the Crosley Woody Wagon’s were lowered down from above in the shed that has been its home for the last 34 years." "This picture is in January of 2010 as Dad sandblasted the good parts."

"This one was taken on May 1, 2010 as the steel parts are mostly done and the wood is on its way."

Promised for 2010 Nationals, and Paul did it click here for pictures.

Peter Berard of Georgia  recently posted these pictures on the Crosley_Gang message board of his 1948 Pickup.  He  gave this explantion:

"Here'z a pitcher of my huntin rig. Note the gun stays loaded. (Cork hanging from the barrel)  Ready to go out for some corn bread, collards and coon. Got the spot light too! The corn bread goes all to pieces when I shoot it. Mebe 00 buck is the rong load."

He continued in a second post: "Mr.Truk is a regular user and a 20 footer. He gets driven most every day for utilitarian purposes.  In the past I strived to achieve near perfection and lost the versatility and function of the vehicle, along with the fun factor.  Couldn't take it to the grocery store without worry.  There went the pleasure for myself and others who would like to see the cars.  Those cars stay in the car barn now. The Crosleys are allowed to go out and play.  And please those folks in the parking lot, who can smile, giggle, remember when, and reap the yields of my labors.  Very pleasurable for me as well as them.
And pretty young girls, who are total strangers, will hug my 71 year old neck.  I didn't know (couldn't remember?) about that aspect or I'd started this Crosley re-adventure thing long ago. Dang, what have I been missing?.......................pete"

Jim Welther has been to every National show since 1972.  This year he decided to raise the bar and drove the 329 miles from his home in Illinois, winning the Long Distance award. In mid 90 degree weather that was a hot ride.

If you drive 329 miles in a Crosley with no support team, a tow bar might be useful.  I can see Jim with his thumb beside the road looking for a vehicle with a hitch.

Jim's display was reenacted the art work he did 30 years earlier for the 1981 show.  The old photo shown with the art work was Jim's first Crosley in 1966.

Barry Smedley reminded me about the famous double ended going both way Crosley a few weeks ago.  He assured me it was still being used as a sign in front of a Dog & Suds in Lafayette, IN.

This is a period photo that I got a long time ago of along with an interesting story. for those that want to know why it was really built.  Here is a PDF of the story.

Here is more current (not very), photo that I have had for awhile.  Another shot.  If anyone in the Lafayette, IN area can take a new shot and/or has more info, send it to me and I will add it. One of our members reports it looking much the same in August 2008 when he saw it.

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