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Bob & Sharon Myers of Oneida NY on the Scamp.  Body was a very rough junkyard save.  Bob built this to be as close to a vintage backyard drag car as possible. He has a plaque on the car saying it was banded from one race track for being to fast, interesting reason to ban a race car.

Dave Metzgar (Nominated car for CotM)

"Their 1947 Crosley Drag Racer originally came from a junk yard, but today it turns the quarter mile strip at 10:27 ET - 132 MPH.  The original Crosley frame is boxed for strength with a full roll cage for safety & frame strength.  The power train is a 1965 - 429 Cadillac engine, Caddy Turbo 400 transmission and a 1961 Ford 1/2 ton rear axle.  The racer is destined someday for the "Himes Museum of Motor Racing Nostalgia on Long Island NY." 

Dan Knaup of Kansas bought this nicely done 1947 Roundside Pickup converted into a fire truck earlier this year.  

It is all complete and was apparently running when stored several years ago.  He has already started restorationand is enjoying the process.

Ron Marson of Utica, NY, sent me these pictures back in the Spring and some how with close to 4 feet of snow outside it seemed an appropriate time to post. Rear shot looks pretty stock,  Not sure how the controls works.

Ron writes: "Crosley Snowmobile? The body appears to be a CC wagon with a plastic nose cone attached to it. It's not a fiberglass that I'm familiar with. The running gear is a mid engine English motor that I think is an Austin attached to a 4speed transmission directly attached to a very narrow Crosley rear complete with 6 inch mechanical brakes. The workmanship of this thing is excellent. Current owner has no idea of any history on it. So what do you think?"

This appears to be one of the elusive Flat 8 Fageol Marine engines.  Photo from another angle.  Here is a photo from an ad for the Fageol 88. This engine has been extensively modified for car use if it is really a Fageol 88.

Mike Grimes of California shared these pictures and information:

"I picked this engine up about 25 years ago.  It had been in a homemade sports car.  I got the chassis (crude), the engine and transmission.  According to Barry Seel the flywheel/crankshaft configuration makes this a marine engine.  Nick Brajevich told me that they (Fageol) only made 13 of these.  One of these days I'll repair the flywheel/crankshaft joint impending failure and fire it up"

This one Pete & Paula's many Crosleys. It's a '39 Convertible Coupe. They picked it up from near Pittsburg, PA. 

"It was "restored" in 2000.  It has a few minor issues, but nothing serious. It runs and drives very nicely. It's really cool having 2 yellow convertibles!" Pete Radford of Toms River, NJ & Bethel, PA

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