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A couple of oldies this month. I didn't have my normal 2 shots of the same car but really liked these two vintage shots.

Tracey Hancock writes: I was looking at your site and pulled out this picture of my dad's old Crosley.  He owned a North American Van Lines outfit in Bloomington, Indiana, and this was the car the packers used when they boxed up all the family's belongings before a move. On the back it says "Wife Approved Movers". This picture was probably taken in the mid-50's because it was a 1957 Ford Ranchero that replaced this car.

Pete Hoelter writes: Here's my dad, Howard Hoelter looking off into the future in 1949. I'm not sure of the location other than it's probably the Chicago area. I don't think he ever pushed the Crosley very far. He often told the story of almost freezing when he drove it to his wedding in northern Indiana in Feb of 49.

From the 1972 CAC Nationals our Founding President John Aibel and his family sitting in Alvin Holsopple's FarmOroad. We haven't seen John for a long time, he is till a member.  The FOR hasn't missed more than one or two shows since 1972.  It is now owned by Alvin's son John.

From the 1979 Nationals, our Senior Director Deane Sherman with his award winning 1948 Sedan.  He hasn't missed a Nationals since 1973, the car was sold a few years ago to Tom McDowell, our Rocky Mountain Region President.  The 48, now called Bugger, has made a few trips back for the Nationals.  Old timers may be able to pick out some other people and cars in the background.

Henry Stetler's 1950 gasporter was one of the hits of the Crosley shown at the 2009 Das Awksct Fescht in Macungie PA August 1st.

More gasporter Info

Jerry Walton Lafayette, La owns this nice 48 Convertiable, he sent me the official picture, I got the above shot from another member showing Kyle Pirtle pumping iron. Yet another advantage to owning Crosley, you always have a gym with you.

Nice clean interior complete with stock radio.  Here is a shot of the rear.

This nice 51 Super Sports belongs to Steve Gillie of Springboro, Ohio. He says the jack and tools are still in the cardboard box they came in , won by the Stewart family of Hamilton Ohio in a 1951 jingle contest for Mission Orange drink.

The car still has original top interior and side curtains.  Steve has owned it twice the first time was 1965.  It won last years winner of the Peoples Choice Award at The Dayton Concoures DeElegance Here is a shot from the back.

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