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Peter Berard's 52 Super Sports. Pete and his wife Julie live in Southern Georgia. 

Not sure if Pete's SS is a 52 or a 51 he seems to call it both from time to time or he has another one hide away he hasn't told Julie about.  He fairly recently finished up this restoraation and started a 48 pickup.

Pete & Paula Radford's 1947 CC Convertible.  Pete wrote "We bought it in the mid summer of 2007 in Mass from the sister of the original owner. Her older sister gave it to her in 1953. The car was originally bought in NJ, and we've brought it back here.

It had been in the Yankee Candle Car Museum in Mass for a few years. The car had some defects and unfinished items during it's restoration, and we have just about finished them up now." Pete & Paula split their time between homes in NJ and PA.

Bill Smulo's Miller Racer.  Bill is from California and is still learning what he has.  He is in the process of rebuilding everything including the engine. The engine appears to be a 53CI Crofton block on a Crosley Crankcase, should make a pretty hot setup. Another shot of the engine.

"I am a new member of the Crosley Gang and thought I would share pictures of my 1948 pickup.  I bought it several years ago in Gambier Ohio.  It was a mess but thanks to Dave Edwards of Mansfield, Ohio I got parts to fix it up.  I put solid cherry wood on it and did all the work myself.  I live in Mt.Vernon Ohio." Gene G. Henthorn  (aka Happ)

Pete & Paula Radford's 1951 Super Wagon

Pete & Paula split their time between homes in NJ and PA.

"This one is our '51 superWagon we bought from Jak (PapaJaks) Phillips out on Long Island. The odometer shows 17,500 miles. Paula won well over 20 trophies at car shows last year with it, including one at the first show we ever took the car to."

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