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This CD Sedan holds/held the J/Pro class record at 78.382 MPH. The record was set at Bonneville on 9-24-94 by D. Heuser.  Car is owned by Tyson Friday and was shown at the 2000 Nationals.

This Flat 8 Crosley Racer was built by Paul Gorell and was show at the 2003  Nationals.

This nice 47 Sedan is owned by Deanna Tipton of Ohio. 

Deanna has owned this Crosley since she was a teenager and has maintained it as close to the original state she bought it in as possible.  

Many original features can still be seen on this car, like floor mats and door trim that just don't survive normally.  The window sports an original CCOC window sticker from the 50s.

These pictures were taken at the 2006 Nationals.

"This is my 1949 HotShot. I bought it in 1969 and restored it in 1976.  I painted mine black because everyone else was using red. "

"Just added the wire wheels this summer, they came from a Fiat X1/9 I think."  David Eager - Evansville, IN

When they paved the field where my Hershey space is located a few years ago I needed weights to hold down the front of the canopy.  I picked 4 different style blocks so I can give lectures on the different styles. They get lots of attention and comments, from: "you ruined a rare block" to "that's about all they are good for".  It does deflate the question of how much a block is worth.  By the way they were not destroyed, I just need to put the upper tower shaft bushing back in and clean off the paint from the cylinders and valve area.

1949 Wagon owned by Cliff Read of Ontario Canada.  Cliff writes, "It's a very early '49 (February) because it was produced with mechanical brakes, round gauges ('48 style), and single rear taillight (on a bracket rather than the later molded-in type). 

Although the original car was exceptionally straight and solid, my twin brother, Larry, and I gave it a complete frame-off restoration over a four year period using many NOS parts from the various Crosley suppliers at Wauseon, and the engine has been completely redone by Service Motors including valve seals (no more smoke when starting) and hardened valve seats. We've done all our own body work, fabricating, welding, sand-blasting, and urethane paint (Parliament Green)."

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