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55 Tholen

Built in 1955 by Dale Tholen with full race Crosley engine and a 500 Fiat transmission.  Was featured on the cover of Road and Track March 1959.  It extensively raced in California in the 50s and 60s.  More Info.

Currently owned by Gerald Davenport of KY.  Gerald took it to the Bonneville Salt Flats and ran 108 mph first time out.  The pictures are from the 2005 Crosley Nationals.
1948 Sedan Delivery

Sold new at Charlie Nicholas dealership in Fairmont Minnesota to Hegge's Phillips 66 station in Lakefield MN, then sold to a collector in the Lakefield area.  Jim and Florence Killion of Mankato, Minnesota purchaced it in February 1975.  Jim sold it to Karl Krotz in 1985, and he then sold it to Gerald Davenport of Kentucky Crosley.
Rear of 1948 Sedan Delivery

So it wasn't on purpose but Gerald has had two Crosley of the Month in a row.  From the dates it looks like Karl owned it when the picture was taken.

From the looks of the grass that must have been one of the hot and very dry years in NW Ohio.

1939 Convertiable Coupe from a past Nationals, and if I'm reading the window card right it belongs to Donald Steward. If someone can give me more info I'll add it.
The HM.14 Pou du Ciel
Frenchman Henri Mignet attempted to design an airplane that almost anyone could build and fly safely. He sought to give everyone access to the skies. Pou du Ciel (literally "Sky Louse" but the English coined the term "Flying Flea"). Hundreds of people build and flew the Pou du Ciel in France and Britain during the early 1930s. 

I took these pictures on my visit to the new National Air and Space Museum at Dulles airport on April 2nd.  I left in some of the background so you can see the Flea is in good company.

Powel Crosley, obtained a copy of Mignet's book "Le Sport de l'Air" in 1935. The airplane immediately appealed to Crosley and he ordered his personal pilot, Edward Nirmaier, to build one. With the help of Dan Boedeker and Herb Junkin, Nirmaier began construction on October 1, 1935. Funded by Crosley the plane made it's first test flight a month later.  Powel never intended to sell the Flea, just promote it as a plane for the common man.  The whole story can be read on the National Air and Space Museum site.

Smoke is from Sebring Florida, and as you can see is proud of his Hot Shots heritage.  Smoke is in the passenger seat while Bob (Ralph) Deshon acts as Chauffeur.  Bob is an old hand at driving Crosley Hot Shots, he was one of the two drivers of #19 the Hot Shot that won the first Sebring Race in 1950.

You saw the back of Smoke Stover's 1949 Hot Shot a few months ago when Julie and Pete Berard recreated a photo from almost 50 years ago using The HS at the Florida meet.

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