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Crosley Powered Boat

HydroPlane Boats and other Crosley Boats fall under the Special Body Class.  This example was shown by Ed Laforme at the 2003 Nationals
Fork Lift

This military issue 3500lb Transitier Forklift is owned by Barry Seel.  Dave Edwards showed a 2000lb Transitiers Forklift at the 2003 Nationals.

Paul Gorrell pulled another surprise at this years nationals, bring his freshly restored 4 wheel drive 4 wheel steering 1942 Crosley tractor. Little is know about the tractor and why Crosley built it.

Grace Lyon driving her birthday present back in June. Jeff Lyon (Napa, CA) bought this 1950 HotShot as a basket case back in July 2004 and finished it in time for his wife's birthday in June 2005.  He had help from several Crosley people along the way. 

It is powered by a Barry Seel Bearcat engine, Disc brakes were rebuilt by Butch at Service Motors, body panels by Tim Freshley and other needed parts and advise from Dave Edwards.  Jeff did all the body work himself.
Ice Cream Truck

Deane Sherman of Ohio and Board Member, showed his FarmOroad Ice Cream truck at the 2005 Nationals fresh from a multi-year restoration.
Handing out the goodies

To say it was a crowd favorite is an understatement.  Hand out Ice Cream on a Hot Mid West July day and you draw a crowd.

1959 shot of Julie and Pete

Julie and Pete on a date in 1959. "We could fill up the Hot shot with $0.24 a gallon gas and get a dish, cup, or other kitchen ware free!"

Julie and Pete 2005

Julie and Pete Berard at the 2005 Florida Regional meet, borrowing a Hot Shot from Smoke Stover to recreate the pose.  Showing there love for each other and Crosleys, and they said it wouldn't last.

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