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From - Farm Mechanics - September, 1928

ICE, 2 cents a cake

The proper preservation of food prevents the growth of germs and bacteria.

The harvesting or cutting of natural ice is costly. In many parts of the country natural ice is not available and the cost of transporting makes it prohibitive. Artificial ice is also expensive

The electric household method of refrigerating is very efficient, but its first cost and cost of operation is so expensive that it is prohibitive to many homes. A large percentage of homes in the United Stases do not have the necessary electric current supply for the operation of electric refrigerators.

There are also many homes not close enough to the thickly populated districts to he served with the regular deliveries or artificial ice. Up to the present time, for these homes. there existed no efficient refrigeration.

Now comes a revolutionary invention. A device known a the Crosley Icyball Refrigeration Unit, which in combination with a refrigerator cabinet of refrigerator design becomes a Crosley Icyball Refrigerator. The Crosley Icyball Refrigerating Unit keeps the contents of the refrigerator cabinet cold, preventing the formation of dangerous germs or bacteria, protecting the health of babies and children as well as the more hardy grown-ups, The Crosley Icyball Unit keeps the refrigerator cabinet cold so that food which in ordinary room temperature would quickly spoil, can be preserved indefinitely. Bacteria and germs do not develop rapidly in a cold temperature.

The Icyball Refrigerator unit will freeze desserts and chill salads. In fact, it will do anything that any other modern refrigerator will do. The Icyball unit is made operative by removing the unit from the cabinet and heating it for one and a half hours on a gas or oil stove. This period is known as cooking.

After the cooking operation the balls is placed in refrigerator cabinet where it immediately goes to work removing the heat from the cabinet interior, producing a clean, dry, cold temperature which cools the foodstuff and preserves then. Water placed in the ice cube tray in the lower part of cooling unit, is frozen into ice cubes.

Over twenty-two thousand of these devices have been sold. Some of them have been shipped to most every nation of the globe. Most of the twenty-two thousand have been sold, however, in the United States, where they were in use all last summer. Witness this testimonial from an owner:

"We are milking seven cows and have been able to deliver Grade One cream all summer. This has averaged $2.20 more per week than I would have received in the past for Grade Two or Three"

Since last summer several definite improvements have been made in the Crosley Icyball Refrigerator, making it even better than it was a year ago. One of these improvements is the addition of the stabilizer which prolongs the cycle of clean, dry cooling. extending the life of each cooking.


Complete with Cabinet
F.O.B Factory

The Crosley Icyball Refrigerating Unit in operation needs no renewing of the liquid it contains. The cost of the complete devise is low,. surprisingly less than any other device for the purpose of refrigeration ever offered.

The price of $85 includes the unit the refrigerator cabinet, a cooling tub, and the stabilizer. Nothing else to buy if you use your regular oil or gas cook stove for heating it. The amount of fuel consumed cooking the device daily is approximately the same as that which would be used to boil a tea kettle for one hour and a half--about two cents worth of kerosene or gas a day, One two-cent cooking of the Icyball is equivalent in refrigeration to the use of about 35 pounds of ice. It is, therefore, equivalent to the purchase of a 35-pound cake of ice for two cents.

The Crosley Icyball brings the lowest cost refrigeration into any home anywhere. It is adaptable to many uses--homes everywhere, camps, farms, dairies, stores, restaurants and road side stands. Special models are shown by Crosley dealers for dairy use--cooling soft drinks and cooling water in stores and offices.

The Crosley Icyball Refrigerator is made by one if the largest radio manufacturers in the world. It is sold by the distributors and dealers who handle Crosley radio receiving sets in all parts of the world. There is a Crosley dealer near you who will be glad to demonstrate this device to you and show you why you should have one in your home. Use the coupon for further information about the Crosley Icyball Refrigerator.

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Dept. 70, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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