ICE 2 Cents a Day

An ice machine
that freezes ice cubes
makes frozen desserts, cools
food and beverages and
keeps the icebox COLD
24 hours a day....The


For farms
For homes where Ice supply is uncertain!
For camps!
For roadside stores!
For those to whom ice is difficult to obtain!
For anyone who wants the pleasure, safety, convenience
of a constant ice supply for 2 cents a day.
Here, for home use, is a new and startling development of the method by which artificial ice is made! 

Your own ice for 2 cents a day and less! 

The Crosley Radio Corporation have been perfecting it for more than two years. Now, with many thousands in operation, they present it to millions who are remote from sources of ice, and to many millions more who seek the luxury of ice-making service without investing in costly equipment. 

It is as simple to operate as it is to boil water in your tea kettle. Once a day you lift the ICYBALL from the cabinet and place the HOT BALL over a small fire with the GOLD BALL in a tub of water. This tub is furnished. You let it cook for about 1 1/2 hours when a whistle will blow telling you it's time to replace the unit in the cabinet. 

After this hour and a half cooking the temperature of the COLD BALL sinks to zero and remains cold enough to freeze ice cubes and to maintain refrigeration much below that of a box filled with common ice. 

If the thermometer is hovering around 90 you have to replenish the cabinet oftener than when it is cool. In ordinary weather - when the temperature is between 70 degrees and 80 degrees cooking once a day should keep your cabinet constantly cold. 



2 cents daily
in cash 

2 minutes daily
in time

The COLD BALL contains an ice tray with which ice cubes are frozen and in which desserts, mousses and ices are easily frozen also. 

There are no moving parts. There is nothing to get out of order. No attention is necessary. 

Nothing needs to be refilled or replaced. The ICYBALL does not have to be serviced. It should last indefinitely. 

The only operating cost is the fuel cost and this is very slight depending upon the kind used and local prices. The cabinet is gray enameled steel with pure white enamel lining. It is well insulated. It is of a design that holds the cold. Food storage space is slightly larger than the usual 75 lb. type of icebox. 

Crosley Radio dealers are now demonstrating the ICYBALL everywhere. 

*Fuel costs vary according to locality. Tests in Cincinnati show cost of cooking ICYBALL if gas is used as 1.5 cents and 2 cents for coal oil is used. 


If the Crosley dealer near you cannot show you the ICYBALL, this coupon will bring you illustrated literature. Dept. 70.


Powel Crosley Jr., President
ICYBALL Division Cincinnati O.