The Country Gentleman June, 1929


- that protects health!
- that stops germ growth in food!
-that saves thousands of footsteps!

Refrigeration -- everyday necessity to household economy and family health -- is possible now WITHOUT ELECTRICITY -- at a cost so low that about 2 cents a day covers it everywhere.

Here is an amazing invention that does everything costly refrigeration devices do at a price about equal to that of a good ice-box. Foods spoil -- germs multiply -- health is endangered when protection is not available.


Health Commissioner, City of Cincinnati "While cleanliness is the first essential in the production of milk, let us not forget that milk will soon deteriorate if it is not kept cold. Bacteria multiply rapidly in warm milk. All milk must be cooled immediately after milking and kept at a temperature low enough to check the growth of bacteria. "If precautions are taken to keep milk at a low temperature, preferably below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it should remain sweet and wholesome."

(Signed) Win. H. Peters, M. D.


In fifteen drops of finest milk obtainable 3000 germs were counted. In 24 hours, at a temperature of 50 degrees. these germs had multiplied to 11.500. When the temperature was raised to 55", the germs increased to 18.800. At 60". there were 180.000 of them. At 68 degrees nearly one-half million. Properly operated the Crosley Icyball unit will keep a constant low temperature prettier In the Icyball refrigerator.

Saves Us $3.00 a Week

"I bought a Crosley Icyball from you about the first of June and am very well pleased with it."
"From the cream produced by seven cows we get $2.25 and more than we got before we used the Icy- ball because with it we can always get Grade One cream. Besides we make one trip to the creamery instead of two as before. This makes a total saving of more than $3.00 a week which in one season will pay for itself. Then we have ice for the table and ice cream whenever we want it. Believe me, we like our Icyball."

-- Carl Moyer, Kansas.

Better Than Ordinary Ice Box

"I used the lcyball last summer and found it satisfactory in every way. It sure is a wonderful blessing for people that are unable to get ice. We think it keeps food better than an ordinary refrigerator and is much cleaner."

-- C. C. White, Colorado.

Your Estimate of 2 cents a Day is High

"Having used a Crosley Icyball since last November, and since it is such a very new thing in the way of refrigeration, I feel that I want to tell you how satisfactory it really has proven to be. It gives me perfect refrigeration and plenty of ice cubes, heating once in twenty- four hours in extremely hot weather and only once in thirty-six to forty-eight hours in moderate or cool weather.

"Your estimate of 2 cents a day operating expense I feel to be high, but on that basis would save at least $40.00 a year, using the box all the the round."

"Outside of the question of expense I find it worth while as a convenience, doing away with the necessity of waiting for the ice man, and cleaning drains."

"I can truly say that I find it satisfactory and think both the original price and the cost of operating very reasonable."

--Mrs. Joseph Burger, Ohio.

Sates 54 Mile Trip Each Week

"My Icyball is practically no trouble to operate and I believe it has paid for itself already. We live twenty-seven miles from Denver and before I had the Icyball I had to go to town for times a week for ice in the summer time in order to have fresh food. Now I make about one or two trips a week and we have no trouble in keeping anything with the Icyball."

-- J. A. Bengston, Colorado.



Complete with Cabinet


NOW comes this wonderful improvement over spring houses, caves and wells. This new and desirable type of refrigeration saves not only food, health and money but millions of footsteps for it can be located conveniently by the housekeepers' center of activities--the kitchen.

Natural ice if available is costly in money, energy and time. Those who harvest it themselves spend much time and effort bath in storing it in winter and in getting it out in the summer time. In many localities natural or artificial ice is difficult to get.

The Crosley Icyball Refrigerator is operated by heating one end of the refrigerating unit. This can be done easily on a simple gas or oil stove. The time and attention needed in operating it is hardly more than lifting it from box to stove and back from stove to box. Operating expense is nothing other than the cost of fuel. The general average over the entire country seems to be about 2c per heating. Each heating of the Crosley Icyball Refrigerating unit is equivalent to replenishing the cabinet with a fresh cake of ice.

The cabinet storage space is equivalent to that of the ordinary 75-lb. icer type of ice-box.

The Crosley Icyball Refrigerator is efficiently insulated, so that the coldness of the box remains practically the same while the refrigerating unit is being heated.

It will keep fresh meat for days. Milk won't sour when it thunders. It does everything the highest priced electrical refrigerators do.

The Crosley Icyball Refrigerating unit makes ice cubes. The steady cold it maintains keeps drinking water, milk and other beverages at a most palatable and healthful temperature. It keeps salads crisp. It actually freezes those most delectable of desserts--ice cream, sherbets and ices.

This remarkable invention has no moving parts. Nothing to get out of order. Nothing that should ever need any service. The refrigerating material is hermetically sealed inside the refrigerating unit and never needs replenishing.

Over 22,000 were sold last year. Most of them in the United States. It is a device which has proven its value and its practicability. It is made by The Crosley Radio Corporation who are national figures as manufacturers of radio receiving sets. It is sold by Crosley dealers everywhere. If you cannot locate a Crosley dealer send this coupon to the factory for further information.

Adaptable to Many Uses

Homes everywhere Camps
Farms Dairies
Stores Restaurants
Roadside Stands

Special Models for Special Needs

Double Unit Dairy Model
Soft Drink Coolers
Store or Office Coolers




The Crosley Radio Corp.
Dept. 35, Cincinnati, Ohio

Gentlemen: Please send me all information about your Icyball Refrigerator, without any obligation on my part.

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