Here is an amazing invention that does everything costly refrigerating devices do at a price about equal to that of a good icebox. Foods spoil_ germs multiply_health is endangered when refrigeration is not available.

This wonderful improvement over spring houses, caves and wells saves not only food, health and money, but millions of footsteps, for it can be located conveniently by the house keeper's center of activities_the kitchen.

The Crosley Icyball Refrigerator is operated by heating one end of the refrigerating unit. This can be done easily on a simple gas or oil stove. Operating expense is nothing other than the cost of fuel. The general average over the entire country seems to be about 2 cents per heating. Each heating of the Crosley Icyball Refrigerating unit is equivalent to replenishing the cabinet with a fresh cake of ice. The cabinet storage space is equivalent to that of the ordinary 25-lb. icer type of ice-box.

The Crosley Icyball Refrigerator is efficiently insulated, so that the coldness of the box remains practically the same while the refrigeration unit is being heated.

It will keep fresh meat for days, milk won't sour when it thunders, It does everything the highest priced electrical refrigerators do.

The Crosley Icyball Refrigerating unit makes ice cubes. The steadily cold it maintains keeps drinking water, milk and other beverages at a most palatable and healthful temperature. It keeps salads crisp. It actually freezes those most delectable of desserts-ice cream, sherbets and ices,

This remarkable invention has no moving parts. Nothing to get out of order, Nothing that should ever need any service.

Over 22,000 were sold last year. It is sold by Crosley Radio dealers everywhere, If you cannot locate a Crosley dealer send this coupon to the factory for further information.

Crosley ICYBALL Refrigeration $85

THE CROSLEY RADIO CORPORATION, Dept. 70, Icyball Division, Cincinnati, Ohio.