The gasporter was primarily built for use on small airports to service small plaines, but you can see from these photos they were marketed for other application as well.   It was not built by Crosley but on a Crosley chassis.

A surprising number seem to have survived, with several now in restored condition.  This is the only material I have found on the gasporter, if you have other literature or information please send it to me to add to the page.

Manufactured by
Engineering Research Associates Inc
1902 West Minnehaha Avenue, St. Paul 4, Minnesota


  • Complete, efficient, one-man operation.
  • Goes anywhere that a plane can land.
  • Has 200 gallon capacity.
  • Operates efficiently on any aviation fuel.
  • Dispensing equipment operated by power take-off from engine.
  • Has three way valve-for plane de-fueling - for replenishing tonk-for fuel transfers.
  • Has convenient compartment for carrying ample lubricating oil and accessories.
  • Equipped with automatic shut-off nozzle.
  • Has electric starter and generator.
  • Built on the new, sturdy Crosley truck chassis.
  • Powered with the famous lightweight Crosley Cobra four-cylinder engine.
  • Economical, versatile, rugged and safe.
  • Protection against possible water contamination.

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  • Height: at steering wheel 65" at platform 45"
  • Width: 48"
  • Length (overall): 130"
  • Weight (empty): 1400 lbs
  • Tires: 4.50 X 12
  • Power Plant: 4-cylinder, in line, liquid cooled, 28 H.P. Crosley Cobra engine
  • Chassis: Crosley truck chassis
  • Electrical System: Standard 6-volt starter and generator
  • Brakes: 4 wheel for both service and parking
  • Speed: Variable (governor factory. set at approximately 9 M  P.H.)
  • Equipment: 2.5 cal. per minute capacity, power-driven pump; air eliminator and meter; 10' hose; discharge line equipped with safety overflow nozzle; tank capacity 200 gallons (net) equipped with four gallon sump; tank made of 13 gallon steel, welded construction.
  • Body: Steel, heavily reinforced
  • Finish: Prime coat, ready for finish to individual color scheme and specification.
Specifications subject to revision

Price List of Gasporter Oilporter and Extras

Effective July 7, 1947

GASPORTER    (with prime coat) - $1,875.00
OILPORTER    (one compartment) - $1,975.00
    (two compartment) - $2,095.00

  1. Filter (10 micron, Pyrolator Type) 25 GPM - $99.50
  2. Ticket Printer for Register (Pittsburgh MD-MS Accumulative  System) - $80.00
  3. Engine Hour Meter. 6 Volt -$32.50
  4. Seat - $12.00
  5. Grab Rail - $3.75
  6. Spot Lights (Automobile Type) and 2 Tail Lights wired in Armored Cable - $42.50
  7. Meter and Register (Brodie 2") - $245.00
  8. Meter and Register with Air Eliminator (Brodie) - $310.00
  9. Meter to read in Liters or Imperial Gallons - $2.50
  10. Pump Suction Connection (including quick coupling, hose drop pipe) - $44.50
  11. Portable Air Compressor Tank with filler valve, hose and gauge - $35.00
  12. Spare Wheel, Tire and Tube - Current Price
  13. 4" Safety Cap (3/4" vacuum vent, 2" fusible section) - $7.50
  14. Internal Shut-off Valve (Morrison No. 203 or similar)  - $15.50
  15. Shut-off Valve Controls to operate from seat - $35.00
  16. Solenoid Valve - $30.00
  17. Fire Extinguisher (1 qt'. carbon tetrachloride) - $14.00
  18. Extra Hose (10 ft. lengths) - $13.50
Prices subject to change without notice. Dealer discounts may be obtained from Kerrivin Hagerty, Engineering Research Associates, Inc., 1902 West Minnehaha Avenue, St. Paul 4, Minnesota.

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Grand Canyon Airlines

Louis Hudgin wrote:

My family has been in the aviation business since 1928 and when I was a kid we had two Crosley gasporters. One we used at our business in Tucson and the other one at the Grand Canyon. I learned to drive the one at the Canyon among other vehicles, when I was 9.

I thought you might like to see some porters at work


Note the area that is circled then click on the image you can make out the gasporter by the small out building.

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